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woogie's got me like a knife in a back
I said be my guest you got nothing to loose
Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise
I said
Huey Huey babe, Huey
Standing in a slide zone,
I could be steppin' through a time zone.

The air raced by there was no sound,
We drifted high above the ground.
And then he
Pregnant teens give birth to intelligent gangsters they daddies faceless
Play this, by ya stomach, let my words massage it and rub it
I'll be his
Pregnant teens give birth to intelligent gangsters they daddies faceless

Play this by ya stomach, let my words massage it and rub it
I?ll be his
Paris is my name, I flows with ease
Cash checks, breaks necks and wrecks emcees
Who ain't down with the sound of the Panther Movement
Intense is
cause I need some love in my life

Mommy I could be the thug in your love
Play my part with the fifty-fifty love in ya life
By the way I'm
bottom, anything will do
So take my hand and I will lead you right into

Extraction zone, the zone
You can make yourself at home
Extraction zone, your
you know we got to eat and you know that's the truth
Now no matter my hustle, I'm coming home to you
Shorty I'm coming home to you

Yeah I'm
my soul on fire
Now I'm a liar
Well I can't control these crazy feelin's
I found my heart is not my own
I'm in the danger zone
I'm in the danger
dare you?
How dare you come do me like that that

I got my eyes on like the fire zone
Let's be bygones
Won't you come and be a line in one of my
Welcome to the danger zone

Runnin' to a land so dark full of pain
I'm feeling dirty, feelin' hot again
I got the miracles in my hands
of cryin', ain't gonna cry no more.
With you, baby, by my side, love's an open door.

Ooh ooh ooh, it must be a dream!
Ooh ooh ooh, the love zone I'm in.
[background ad libs by P. Diddy]
(Ah ah ah)

Today is the day we ride, you's a made your whole fucking family by
We shoot 'em down
We shoot 'em down

Free fire zone with my m-16
Vendetta burns inside
Wiped out their lives for eyes unseen
Mercy chilled
I never leave my zone, we're both alone
I'm going home
I wish I'd never seen your face

[Killah Priest]
I hold my marker, like Huey P. held his revolver
Plottin' vengeance, since them bullet shells, sailed through Martin

It's H-U-E-Y, home fly G five
And by the look in my eyes she have nice thighs
But her mama done gave her then grew from local to major
My pockets
and withdrawn
I'll dwindle off into the twilight realm
Of my own secret thoughts
I'll walk through the parking lot
In a semi-catatonic state
And dream
On and On and Mama's Gun
Underwater ill motherfucker from the other son
214, all on my phone
We're from Dallas, baby, freak freak zone
Freak freak zone
Freak freak
scared to leave my zone
We're both alone
I'm coming home
I wish I'd never seen your face
to analyze me
For all those who want to analyze me

My mother committed suicide when I was four or five
I love Mike-O was killed by a psycho
But I'm not
'Oh say can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming'

He's a real cool guy and he's a hero
about a week long till my battery
Gone 6 hours and I'm charged then I'm back in the zone
Back in the zone get stupid show em how we actin at home
in our zone

They call me Maximus Microphone dezonius
I'm on that rap shit  until it's only us
My phono lust is soundtracked by sunshine and lady
appears in my sleep
Surpass the whole mortal life
As sucubus creeps in my cold room
Tresspass the invisible zone
Archeogonic theory is fallen by reborn