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down and speed it up up
You're body bang
See that double butt mix with whats up in my cup
Makes me want you in this club club!
You're body bang, bang
[Verse 1:]
Yeah I caught you peekin'by the corner of my eye. 
Me I'm never sleepin' bet you think I'm fly. I'm tryin' to take
A girl home tonight
(Kool Keith)
Well I'm first to rock, Moe Luv's the disc jock
By my side and wit the mix
?Clyde? scratches, mathces, all cuts combine
The faster
and let your mind be free
And by the way welcome to the party

Uh uh excuse me Mr. Kid Rock (what's up?) can I do my thing
Uh, can I have a little something
to make time go by

There is only one thing that I miss there,
There is not enough punk rock shows
No place where the kids can get together
No concerts
Mix it with mine, with yours
If the othordox ways crime
Ingnorance tricks the men
Sting again
Like porcupine
Skin complexion
Won't give direction
caught in the mix
Got that fresh gear on like we caught in the flicks
Grab sweeties by the waistline, rubbing our shit
Come on tell me that you like my
bitches I been sexed
By the Lord & this ?
Rock a mic up off stage, if it`s cordless
Yes, love the gangsta way I test
Take three thousand X
I smoke
Aight, now we got that out the way, let's double up
It's your boyfriend
Look here, if we in the club
And you trying to decide wether if you gon
[Verse 1 - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
1977 was a no cocaine in my hood-ject
The brothers was stuck on Chuck without a mind set
I got tired of watchin "Good
stick y'all up

(E'rybody get it up) Throw the hands up
(E'rybody get it up) Throw the hands up

12 AM on the way to the club (uh)
1 AM DJ made it
the back

See the sparklers in the air?
You know them bottles on the way
CMG takin over mane
That's all the DJ play
Right on, right on in the club with
why he's my DJ Cool V!
Girls!  Whatever you call 'em
He rocks from here all the way to the Bell forum
I'm like telling you straight on up
another shot
Damn the music loud
I'm 'bout to mix it up and blend in in the crowd
Grip slip slide by the dance floor
Baby grab me by my hand say she
the pills and liquor 'til we black out

My driveway cost a couple million just in cars
That loud weight, I just drop some chicken in that hole
Fly by you
a pound of cess a day
And yesterday went by so quick it seems like it was just today
My daughter wants to throw the ball but I'm too stressed to play
evening to the break of day
So step this way and let your mind be free
And by the way welcome to the party

Uh uh excuse me Mr. Kid Rock can I do my
evening to the break of day
So step this way and let your mind be free
And by the way welcome to the party

Uh uh excuse me Mr. Kid Rock can I do my
Then we mix it all up, call it Pro Tools (ha ha)
Serve em demo tracks (tracks) let em demo that (yeah)
All these bitches in the club, where
cannot forget her, my Mexican lover
with that and its strong, can mix her up with no other
her name Tequila, we met in October
I hit her all the time, I
Turn the club into a mosh pit
Spend 20 bands, do a back flip
Girl, drop it low, shake that
My wrists rocky like A$AP
This a G mix and I laced that,
go in the club and dance, mix the alcohol
Great with roach spray, here's a drink, have a ball
Dance to the music, watch it party pooper
Yeah, you
a club or papers by the pile
just ask toy soldier, toy soldier could of told you
at the boomin funk hut it was the afro with the butt
so to the flam lovers
with my momma on the couch
Like the jeffersons i’m moving on up and i’m out
Penthouse with the butler who waits by the door
To ensure i’m the only
When I ride the beat 
Ain't no way to hide from the dark side 
Man of many men's till the very end 
And blend in and change my iden 
Just to mix up