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wives so fair
Not another ship could make the trip
The Polina I declare

[Chorus: x2]
choice, put ice
I'm missing a g-note, fixed price
But the only thing fixed, is the holes that we put in the dykes
Rocks is okay, my voice is
to fold my beard
Check one, two, Sonny, tell Bob to dim the lights up
You see the studs, I want the red strobe to hit it right
Stones are screaming, hot
Willie from me.

Oh a father he calls on his daughter
Two choices I'll give unto thee
Would you rather see Willie's ship a sailing
See him hung like
My ship up here is sinkin' 
But this is what I am 
And I'd tell you what I'm thinkin' 
If I thought you'd give a damn 
And I don't know a single
dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor
Controls the people livin' legal

Sit back and chill, until time will reveal
Two thousand and one holy men with
I was longing to be wooed
I was ready to be humbled
By the words that you had written
By the syllables you mumbled
Yeah, I was ready in my heart
to Illinois
I got no choice but to live by the sword 
For my actions and my thoughts are rejected by the lord!

[Chorus: x2] 
From the dark side of S.D.
to Illinois
I got no choice but to live by the sword
For my actions and my thoughts are rejected by the lord!

[Chorus 2x]
From the dark side of S.D.
You all
See my chariot run to your ships
I'll drive you back in the sea
You came here for gold
The wall will not hold
This day was promised to me
by George ?Papa Doc? Bush.  Music by the ?Village People? the very military "Macho Man."
?Macho, macho man!?
? Two-three-four.?
stalemates or forfeits
I made a choice to raise my voice towards all the hate that haunts us
They poltergeist I hold the mic no need for praise or worship
Fed niggaz who I hate with, I be Apocalyspe, Tales of the Crypt
Raise the dead out the realm with a 6
Overwhelmed by the smell of the clips, gun
Everybody behind Soulo and they backin' up
I just threw my two-step, let her back it up
Go on, back it up! Go on, back it up!
You dry-snitchin', I'm
the subject
(This bitch don't know about Pangaea, uhm)
Brain leave it alone
I'm starving, are you hungry by chance?
Oh my god I'm so hungry
Yes, do you
to there they hear my voice
The ladies hear me, I am their choice
Because my hair's more wavy than there's ships in the Navy
And they use a boat to stay

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