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the music loud
I'm bout to mix it up and blend in in the crowd
Whip, slip, slide by the dancefloor
Baby grab me by the hand say she wanna dance, oh oh
a triple choke
And it won't hurt my throat, nope!
Chinky eyed, just ridin' n vibin'
On that real fire
Be high for two-three hours
And I'm cool wit' A-I,
this mail

[Verse 1]
Turn my mail, I talk to rappers when I touch down
I'ma go by me a check with my bitches welfare check
And if I hurt her
off, and my dick'll go soft. 
Never mix business with your sickness. 
Enemy see me flippin' in the picnic with your little divide and conquer, 
fellas wanna date us and the hephers wanna fight us 'cause the word done got around that my joints are tighter then otheritus, and I gotta hit the club