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come here and I guess I did
Survive the scum and I'd become someone but never did
These village slums I let become my life I guess I did
I'm just
I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to "The Minstrel Show" tonight, uh
Especially our guests uh, Elzhi of Slum Village
Don't be afraid, you
down from the tracks
To the grey slate roofs

I watched the village moving
As the day went slowly by
In the field we lay here
Lovers' footsteps
[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Busta Rhymes, Slum Village
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
The book don't end with Malachi
Devil will win employee of the month by the dozen
'Til one score and three years from the third when he doesn't
My village
I feel my heart stopping
Just once after every beat
The spirits of blood donĀ“t want
Too long to share my company

I pass by my life`s stop
(Do It)
What It's All About
What it's all about

Makin' you bounce
My niggas Slum Village makin' you bounce
Busta Rhymes y'all makin' you
are always blue
I spend my days with ghosts who all love you the most
But no one quite like I do

And there'll be days you need me by your side

It's just another rhumba
But it certainly has my numb-bah
So much so, that I can't eat or slum-bah
Can you imagine anything dumb-bah?

Down near the village of old San Miguel
In a far away place by the sea
Lived Maria Consuela Manuel
A lady of high born degree
And she was sixteen
all about
(Do it)
What it's all about

Makin' you bounce
My niggas Slum Village makin' you bounce
Busta Rhymes y'all makin' you bounce
the little y'all the youth coming up 
Or get stung by the killer bee stinga from the slums 
KnowhatI'msayin son? 
Yo son 
Of the young Shaolin Monks,
Dust smokin', pretty boy playwright posin'
Folks wiggin', whinin' annoyin' Def Jam reject devil
White bread no money havin' slum village people
I can speak my name aloud 
Make my way among the crowd
Yes thy burdens
Just by chance I passed a graveyard 
Saw a young man kneeling there
In his
Love child, never meant to be
Love child, born in poverty
Love child, never meant to be
Love child, take a look at me

I started my life in an old,
life with a stab
Sure her ass look nice, it'd look nicer in a bag
And slung over shoulder, village slum soldier
Bayonet bloods when my cup runneth
Time, measured in dotted yellow lines has passed you by
and I never said an honest thing to you in all my life
Hard times go slowly and the good
a choke hold 

losin' control bringing drama by the boatload 

it takes drama 

in the pillage now of cappadonna 

my split persona hit their village
'cause I was active on the radio.
Way back in high school, yeah nigger CT,
Where I met my nigger Tone Pap Pip CT
Came to the slum village business way
You looking for us, we be in Rock City nigga, come get us!


"Life goes on"
"The world keeps turning and liiiife goes on.."
Chorus (Flaj)
What we see [what we see] everyday [everyday]
Livin' in the ghetto this is where I stay
[What we do] what we do [to get by] to get
Straight out of Jersey to the Slum Village
I lyrically pillage at a high percentage
And you critics keep your mouths in it like you questioned by the feds
then she whispers "everywhere
"There is no nuclear family required any more
"My parents are the village and the village is the law"

I can see
Evil warrior
Fight till death
Sons of war
Kill with wrath
Born in a village
He's learn to fight
Grew up with strength
His pleasure is to kill
side by side
And yes we get it on, one time most definitely
Further the mind, shallow waters and know life
Give me that water and love, we gotta make it