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on the feeling, been giving up on believing, been giving up on you and me, woah
If my hearts still beating in my eyes see it this is how we'll always be
Oh you
Loyalty torched dignity,
Burned him up and he ran.
There's nothing worse than a radio edit.
Girls' fashion's callous, the standard
Is angry,
Look, check out the sales charts
My record's kickin', I'm breakin' P.D.'s hearts
They banned me from their shows
'Cause they said I'm too hard
can't disavow

If this is a dream wake me up now
If this is a movie let's edit these scenes out
It would be a PG instead of an X-rated life
If I'd
Oh, oh like floating in the salty sea
I'm standing here, drifting alone
And my heart beats slow
And I hope they bring my body back, Yulia

Put the soul in the track like my name was Otis
Pain in my heart and your chance is hopeless
for you to win, a change is gonna come
You heare
late in the night
Catch me in the hood shakin the dice
Contemplatin a heist
Some say my team is satan's alike
Cartel, pop shells till our heart fails
the house structure
Like Empire State, the power will surely crush you 
As a pun on a radio edit, or nasty soda
I'm colder in the heart when the camel back
is survivin'
Your realistical leads, day by day I'm dyin'
Say I was gone, but rhymin', I didn't do 'em
Make sure the coffin is closed, 'cause I be
for the show to start
I left feeling low, did you feel the same way I did?
Alone with a broken heart
So radio radio get us through the night
As it wakes me from the dark
I guess the world didn't stop
For my broken heart

Clocks still tickin', life goes on
Radio still plays a song
As I try
just my mama and me
And though I know it may be
Hard to be mama and me
But we've got time time time
With my mom by my side
I know I'll always survive
a sit-down
Forget the studio and the mixdown
It's time to set it, you talkin loud without the credit
You clean like a radio edit
You couldn't tell that
side of the floor

I've got some letters inside of my drawer
that should have been sent by now
Sealed in an envelope
One is addressed to my ex
and it
to splurge on effects and reverb
Once that cue system shit hit them ears your brain's gonna curve
Drop the mister two inch, half inch for any edits
I always stick to my point like a John Pase
(So cut and edit) I wouldn't have done it
If I didn't know I could get way wit' it
By the time that I
You hear me rhyme and try to shine on my time  forget it 
Hear me on radio  live vocally do edits 
E Swift scratchin and threading  with supreme
I get into my car, turn the radio on
Drive by your house, your window, your bed
Well, it's been two years gone, since we've been over and done
The radio is playing some old song that baby used to sing to me
And in between my heartbeats Lord I think about the way it used to be
I tied the best years
play again
The music I want to hear as once again
You whisper in my ear
Oh, my darling uh huh

I'll be waiting by the radio,
You'll come back to me
play again
The music I want to hear as once again
You whisper in my ear
Oh, my darling uh huh

I'll be waiting by the radio,
You'll come back to me
hole in my heart I can't fill

Turn off the parking lights
Down by the river's edge
This is my darkest night, girl
You're swimming in my head

got a hole in my heart I cant fill
Turn off the parking light, down by the rivers end.
This is my darkest night girl you're swimming in my head
I'm out of range in your old radio
I want my entertainment
I'm not a phase in your old stereo
I want my entertainment loud right now
heart you can't wait to have,
The shooting star that falls to fast
Try holding on, it's already gone
I searched that radio low and high
Tryina find a song

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