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guitar bum whose name I never knew

Old School Nashville, Harlan Howard, Bob McDill
Tom T Hall go drink your fill and blow us all away

There was this
no expiration date on the batteries
Look, I've never been a hater
It's never been in my nature
But, listen, let me hook you up 'cause

Cheer up, it might never happen
Drive-by shootings on the streets of Clapham
Jackboots booting right across the map
And daddy's gone 'a looking
Of the comrades all that I've had, there's none that's left to boast
And I'm left alone in my misery like some poor wandering ghost
And I pass by from town
ugly mother-fuckers than you are, hey-why, so watch out. now..."

Guy (butch? ):
"will you bring my girlfriend on stage, maybe? "

"sure. all right,
Bob Shane/Tom Drake/Miriam Stafford

Run Molly, run (oh, Molly). Run Molly, run. Long John's gonna beat you, beneath the shinin' sun.


I left my place after midnight
And I came to this hall
Me and my girlfriend, wecame here
Lookin' to ball

You came to the right place
This is it
I'm not the first guy who ever lost a girlfriend
But by the way I'm carrying on
You'd think I was you'd think I'd lost my mind
Since you've been
and forth, I ain't no convos
I flew to Paris and my plug named Diego, Gradur !
Gucci shirt, belt, Tom Ford
Finessed the plug and he fell for it
Listening to the teacher rap just ain't my bag
By the two-bells ring, you know it's my cue
I'm gonna meet the boys on floor number two

Smokin' in the boys'
was raped by a clown.Isn't this ironic?

I was watching Al Gore on CNN,
He was talking, and talking, and talking,
And then out of boredom my pet
Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
George duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals)
Tom fowler (bass)
Ruth underwood (percussion)
Jeff simmons (rhythm
powerful, spit shit subliminal
Slang therapist, my whole style is criminal
Bugged like Bob Digital, fly visual
Mind body and soul, I'm a strong individual
with a crease tom peeps burn to nucci, house full of hunnies 
sportin' gucci, cuttin' coochie. 
I'm the man girlfriend, luxury I swim macadocious

My Porsche got stuck in traffic and
My girlfriend said get real
How dare you get me stuck here
How d'you think that made me feel
I got a Yamaha 5
rap this
Enlightening minds with my lyrical tactics
In life everything ain't always what it seems
But people are enchanted by things that gleam
don't get fed up
My people rise, my people fight
My people do alright
My people walk with pride and
We're marchin' side by side and
My people laugh,
on the tail of a dragon
Wet pussy is my cabin, more bitches than a pageant
I keep a house full nigga, call me Bob Saget
Spendin' time backwards, hotter than
lyin' 'bout them muthafuckin' hairy hands
Well how you think I tear a man till he can barely stand?
I share the land with hustlers hollerin' my chorus
Alright, before we get it started
Before we did 'smoke two joints', that was Jack from the Toys
And that song 'Rivers Of Babylon'
Was written by
Alright, before we get it started
Before we did 'Smoke two joints', that was Jack from the Toys
And that song 'Rivers Of Babylon'
Was written by
I don't bet
I don't be in no casino, and baby while you knizzow
The izzi is the grizzeat Kizzangizzo."
I thought she'd be impress by my devious rap
my girlfriend Jim, and Ian, and Aynsley, and Bob, and Frank... I mean, none of us...

Pleased to meet you...

Hi Howie

We never met a pop star from
up by a bunch of g ass niggas
And I just bought your girlfriend some knee pads nigga
Eagle street where the real niggas hung
Ima rep that shit till
brown nose)
There's rich uncle Bob, I say now what you gonna do?
(Gonna brown nose. Gonna brown nose)
You get stopped by the man, I say now what you gonna