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the land
I'll never beat the view
From my front porch looking in

There's a carrot top who can barely walk
With a sippy cup of milk
A little blue eyed blonde
And getting distance from that front porch spotlight
But us we found peace in shadows
Long enough to see the monsters rise

Candy's got some space to fill
I fall by the wayside
And let the devil have his way
He puts a hole in my cup
But this ain't one of those days, no

Well, I'm kicked back on the front
my favorite spot
And that's on

[Chorus: x2]
The front porch smoking reefa
The weed got 'em feelin' um hm
On the front porch getting deeper
the block
You know the lit niggas you'll find us in my favorite spot
And that's on

[Chorus 2x]
The front porch smoking reefa
The weed got 'em feelin
be looking for long

There comes a time when nothing seems clear'
Your past out on the front porch with a head full of beer,
Confused and clouded
I should have looked in my back yard
Cause I found everything I was a looking for
When I fell in love with the pretty little girl next door

in the fields there was chores at home to be done 

Late in the evenin' on the front porch when the sun is settin' in the west
Me and the boys pass
brought you flowers
The by the highway sort
And we'd make love for hours and hours
On the couch in your front porch
And I'm sorry I kissed your brother
And Edith ran out in shock. 
Grandpa was looking at her from down on the floor, 
He looked like he was trying to talk. 

"That guy just keeps singin'!
that yoppa by the bed nigga french toast
Black Phantom out front nigga space ghost
Word on the street you looking for 4 and a heezy
Just pull up in
grandpa on the porch.
They came through the gate and across the lawn
Knocking down Edith's Tiki Torch.
And grandpa saw them there,
Looking through

We'll sing na na na, na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na, na na na
Na na na na na

I was sitting on my front porch when she came walking by
She was
with the homies right now

Me and my niggas four deep in a white Toyota
A quarter tank of gas, one pistol, and orange soda
Janky stash box when
Way before Lupe, before OF
I've been trynna Ollie off the front porch door steps
Crept through Lynwood my city was not calm
Headed to South Gate,
We stood there frozen as the baseball hit the bat
Watched it clear the fence in Johnson's yard
And broke that front door glass
We were already
fumbling through the blunt roaches
Its looking hopeless, totally unfocused
Stumbling onto the front porch
Poasty with my closest associates
We were so
Fuck trafficking nigga, I get this shit catered
See the clip tailored, only the Coogi shit
I fucks wit Damon, I'm in the movies kid
My mom reminisce
between fact and myth
Been trying to write hooks, sing songs, write books
Playing ping pong on my porch to slightly odd looks

I get a lot of t-shirts,
Na na na na na na

I love you girl, like how we are
So when you get in that dress you look best by far
You look so smooth, looking so sexy
If I don't like you
You getting hit in broad day light with a white rifle
In front of your window I'm looking right through
I love when I see
it in your court
Me taking the shorts?
I'm holding the for'ps, child please

[Mr Lawnge]
Some of the time I'm with my crew, some of the time I'm
and your son, sipping a forty
Nobody can hold me, I does it all by my lonely
I stomp your head when you awake, you be looking like Gumby
night when TEST STAND #1 and THE ROCKET SLED ITSELF... (We have ignition!)... got LUNCHED! I said LUNCHED! (Lunched!) By a FAMOUS MOUNTAIN-IN and his