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But I guess my favorite would be the CDB

Yes there's a few good rockers in New York City
Guess the big la, it never cared for me
to see, no no no, yeah
Your love will always be my favorite thing

So if you meet her on Facebook, Tweet me
My baby is the only one I freaks see
She can
do is to be with my favorite things

My favorite songs My favorite TV shows are never ending
My favorite books My favorite radio shows will never
to see, no no no, yeah
Your love will always be my favorite thing

So if you meet her on Facebook, Tweet me
My baby is the only one I freaks see
She can
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies, 
An' crisp apple strudels, 
Doorbells an' sleigh bells, 
An' schnitzel with noodles,
You're still my favorite girlfriend
Alice Long
We both agreed that to get along
To talk things over as they come up
So if you think we don't see each
As the time goes by
And I wonder why
When I know the day is through

The summer wine
My favorite time
The night that I met you

Somewhere in between
of fire

Oh tell us we're going home, tell us that heavenly story and oh
Tell of that homecoming glory it's my favorite story by far
'Cause it tells us
at your door

Then you know why I sit and cry every day
Wishing love could be renewed
If I must be tortured by days gone by
Then crying is my favorite
By Greg Nelson & Bob Farrell
It's a hurry up world and my days go flying by
But I don't want to forget to thank you for my life
And in my
Things have changed round here you bet, but it don't seem much better yet

I first met Willie Nelson with some friends at a party
I was twenty-two years
the bull, you get the horns." 
Two: "Where's my two dollars? Where's my two dollars?!" 

Three, these are the quotes from my favorite eighties movies
different things
We were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
cross the turnpike
Somewhere near nowhere is my favorite thing to do
What you say girl me and you
Go get a little lost

Come on baby let's go
When we get
understand a fuckin word he says
Grandpa Jougenson?
Oh I know Grandpa Jourgenson
Yeah, ya'll might know him by other things
Punk ass muthafucka
Hypo Luxa,
in God, by my faith in the game,
And by my faith in all good things come to those that stay true
You know what I’m saying, and it was happening to me
I am the object of your affection
Your favors surround me as a shield
And the first thing that people come in contact with is my favorite shield
running through my brain
The only thing I fear in life is if your with me everyday I'd be intoxicated all the time

'Cause my favorite wine (my favorite
That make me glad
I don't like things
That make me sad 
Life is lived 
And time goes by
The stars still shine
Up in the sky

I love my man
It feels like my time is coming
It feels like my days are through
The phone it rings always
When by bath is running
(camouflage), camouflage (camouflage)
Designed by mother nature and by God
It's camouflage (camouflage), camouflage
You're my favorite color camouflage

(Get her
My favorite things include hip-hop crowds that ain't biased
Seein heads participate in real rhyme cyphers
Open mics with nobody
can't leave here knowing all of my favorite things have changed

Oh let the light shine down on Phoenix when it rains
Cause when the sun is shining you
I wanta sing
About the things that make me happy
I wanta sing
About my brother and my mother and my sister and my pappy

I wanta sing
And the arm fell off my favorite chair again
The man called me today and said he'd haul my things away
If I didn't get my payments made by ten