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You don't have to worry about a list
I said as I gave my wife a kiss
'Cause what I want won't take much room under our Christmas tree
All I want
Time goes by, and Christsmas lists change
But some things don't ever change
Like the anticipation of being together
Christmas at our house is full
sing along
Those words and melodies I learned by heart so long ago
I love Christmas what's on my list is - Christmas on my radio

Ooh on the radio
Mmm I
These are your good years
Don't take my advice
You never wanted the nice boys anyway
And I'm of good cheer
Cause I've been checking my list
The gifts
Ho, ho, ho, oh, little train, my little elf, another great Christmas. 
Ah, man, it's boring, it's boring, same thing every year, 
So let's have
But the shopping mall Santa has been drinking
His nose is red from years of drinking scotch
He probably won't remember what's on my Christmas list
Make me a promise
That's the best that you can do
All I want for Christmas
Is a new year with you

I could make a list of my requests
And send them
If I could give Santa my wish list
Every single day would be Christmas
I’d send the whole world from me a box of peace, yeah
And if there were one
of me
There's room to grow, under the mistletoe

But I made this "mist" as a christmas wannabe
With a christmas list that insists I've gotta be
At home where I wanna be
Wrapping presents by the Christmas Tree
With my babay, It's just my baby and me!
Got the Little ones tucked in bed
You'd be the wish on my list 
Cause you're the most precious gift 
Baby to me! 

I'm listening to carols 
And hope 
Kissing you under the mistletoe
Merry Christmas ho, ho, ho
I'll be six feet under the snow
Jingle bells along the way
I'm a dead motherfucking and I'm counting my days
I've been
the map
I want Pamela Anderson's speedo top!

Here ya go, Santa
That's my Christmas list
That's all the cool shit I want
But wait a minute, Santa
{Dear Santa, I live in Hollywood but it's not like in the movies
Where Christmas is always snowy white
On my list, is just one wish that it would
just one wish
On my Christmas list
Oh baby how I wish you were here
I want chestnuts roastin', good friends toastin'
Health and happiness
But it won't
Like Santa Claus on Christmas
As soon as I can get out on parole

I'm anxious to get out among the living
And I'm makin' up a list of those to see
watching every single glass 
looking for the right presents 
to complete my xmas list

But now I miss something
Or should I say that I miss
It's Christmas Eve and woe is me
Gotta do some shoppin' in a big hurry
Gotta make a list, gotta check it twice
Gotta read the ads, gotta ask
the hood
So meet me by the menorah lets get drunk [x2]

J J J Just a little story about last Christmas
About some bad kids who were full of wishes
We gave
and warm
Your eyes are red because you've cried
You fell asleep by the fireside
But there's one thing you should know
Oh its Christmas baby
You don't
to you here on the holidays
Hearing you say merry Christmas
It just warms my heart, man
It's like soul food, like fired okra
Dude, I'm having a great
Put your legs up over your head
I've been walking to your suicide
See the human hometown suicide
I've ceased to exist on the Christmas list
going out in the storm
But, if you really hold me tight
All the way home I'll be warm

The fire is slowly dying
And my dear, we're still good by ing
Miss Thing there is no guest list tonight

 [ Erick Sermon ]
Yo, yo
Its E the assassin ANTONIO BANDERAS
Catch a few of my enemies by the bodegas
So face
Winter in America, never knew white Christmas
'Cause L7 squares always making my shit list
Spring is in the air and all the flowers are blooming

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