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thing called

Music to make to your old lady by
Barry white used to work
Shoot, even Abba used to work the way i was doin' my thing
But man, you put
She's the type I carry by my side
Keeps me balanced, keeps her talons in my thigh
Reminds me of the damage of how I live my life
Keeps my salary
Barry White, he woke me 
Out of my sleep
"Love Unlimited" on infinite repeat
I live alone, 
So why's the shower running?
My mind is groggy 
as "diabolical man"
Well I got diabolical beats, raggedy clothes
And aw hell, I'm even wearing diabolical drawers
I'm not white as Barry 'cause I'm dirtier than
drinks with his buddies but he prays when he should
And there ain't nothing better than
Being loved by a workin' man

He don't write love letters but he

Nervous Assistant
Too much action right by me
Like Buddy Rich try me
Need a brain that's stress resistant
Or else I'll be the Nervous
We like to go over the hill
Hey, woman, will you be there? Because my buddies and I will

Having a good time
Passing the by-line
We'll be having
a better price 
My nigga keep that low key, Barry White 
And don't worry 'bout the info 
From where they ride Pintos, couldn't afford Enzos 
thump into your head,
Me and my axe will make your white pony's red,
My axe is my buddy, you let that ditzy wave
Me and my axe will fuck your mother
was "Silent Night" 
Then I heard my buddy whisper  
"All is calm and all is bright" 
Then the fear and doubt surrounded me 
'Cause I'd die if I was
from the rags to riches, now we got bags and bitches
Blue cheese in my off whites
I've been drinkin' Codeine all night
Got your bitch out the DM, put
doesn't matter what skin you're in
Big yellow taxi cab passed me by
Stopped on the next corner to pick up a white guy
The color of you, the color of me
I used to run around like you, run the town like you
Walk my red nose and clown like you, but it got old like Betty White
This rap shit real deep like
liberal, but to a degree
I want ev'rybody to be free
But if you think that I'll let Barry Goldwater
Move in next door and mary my daughter
You must think I'm
sneakers on
Waiting to play tennis in the noonday sun
I had my white shorts rolled up past my waist
And my wig-hat was falling in my face
But they
White's throat box
I bet you those cops mix
Double high tower my power grants me the chicks
The blows the cars and enemies that want to spar
You want
Got an alright house and a pretty nice yard
A screen door dog that stays on guard
Got a buddy up the road that's got my back
'Round here it ain't
This big white redneck's got the blues
From this cowboy hat to these worn out boots
A woman done lit my fuse
And this bar ain't got the booze
ain't no phony
	Yeah, we're no baloney homosapiens

	We're black and white
	You're green and blue
	Well, we're all right, so are you... I think
that sound like Barry White, said "Sho you right"
Don't let me find out who tried to bite
They better off goin' to fly a kite in a firefight
Right here in North, North Memphis
Where I came from
Hundred on the neck, I ain't never had shit
The streets gave me family, Barry White cut the check
Or either move white, there's few writers in my cipher,
So they made lighter, my type a dreams seem dumb
They said wise up, how many guys a 
Or either move white, there's few writers in my cipher,
So they made lighter, my type a dreams seem dumb
They said wise up, how many guys a 
You see making
The Dallas Cowboys want you back
Bob Wills want you back
Barry White wants you back (Baby)
Kelly Clarkson wants you back
and my pick-up wants
skin with makeup like Max Factor
My grandfather Stan wasn't Nothin' But a Man
He fell in love with Jivote so he took her by the hand
They had two

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