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thing that I need
This is my only hope but you never let me go

I need an anchor to hold me throw the storm
I see the danger can't fight it on my own
and denied 
Defeat the Chosen One 
Die by my Sword and die by my Hand 
I will be Lord and the Ruler of Man 
Give Light to the Blind 
The End
This is my story, this is my song
I have a hope that’s stronger then the dust I’m standing on
This is my anchor, my cornerstone
This is the anthem
Shadows walk with silent feet
Is there something in the air
Turns your hope into despair?

Oh, kingdom of madness you've got me undone
by the sky
Years had come and gone and my desire with them
A caged perpetuation of hope
A tally kept upon my body of days I care not to know
the softer seat

To summon gut
To play the slut
My bass drum for to beat


Gyp the blood
Gyp the blood
Anchor in my heart
Skull and crossbones
Makes me fight
For their right
At any rate
Because Spain is my kingdom

Like a golden dream of greatness
Our olden land will sing
Songs of the glory
and take us home. 
Down by choice, satan's list is getting narrow. 
Its time to step out. 

Heirs of a promise stake your claim. 
And this is our place
act the same way
By the time that I get that old

I never said I was the heir to a fortune
I never claimed to have any looks
But these kind
The point of no return by far
And swept away the last sheds of hope
A new dawn of man?
Oh no, can't you feel, the end is on its way

It's all
Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom, ooh
Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom, ooh
Ah yes, my Lord, ah, oh
Ah yes, my Lord, ah, oh

We spent our lives together
It should have last forever
But now it's time to sail on

So take this anchor from my heart
So we can finally drift
They scream to me
The rush of fading hope
I stand here gazing
It's still amazing
How one could reign
A kingdom's long lost halls
Everybody's thrown about you
Everybody's stoned about you (you)

I was running from home from school
With the hope trying to keep my parents
as you
At this fast rate, I'll be lucky if I'm dead by morning

I could open my eyes for a second
And hope the sails catch us
I could open my eyes for
In the eye of the storm
You remain in control
And in the middle of the war
You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor
When my sails are torn
Come see my grave
'Cause in it you'll lay
When I am on parade
Hope brings the day

I heard next one's not much fun
Anchor played me dumb
And I
the main gate?

Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom
Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom
Ah yes, my Lord, Ah, Oh
Ah yes, my Lord, Ah,
to see 
Gives me hope when I can't believe 
That for the first time 
I feel love 

I have a brother 
When I'm a brother in need 
I spend my whole
or will I pray
Will sleep consume my waking days
Descent is getting steeper day by day

This is my last descent
I hope I'm making sense
I've lost my
By the waters of the Thames
I resolve to start again
To wash my feet and cleanse my sins
To lose my cobwebs on the wind
To fix the parts of me I
Mercy and grace are mine, forgiven is my sin,
Jesus my only hope, the Saviour of the world.
"Great is the Lord" we cry,
God let your kingdom come,
mistakes instead

If hope should fail us now
Then faith will see us through
Well I was living a nightmare
And then, then there was you

I am an anchor
And I hope, your majesty that you like your position.

I'll do everything I can to keep you by my side
And I'll stare off through the darkness
Angels and devils before my eyes
The palms of my hands hung by my side
Helpless I watched them destroy and divide
Life in the Empire State...