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the muck 
And mucking down with you 

Did you see this girl
Look, oh, never never 
Can I stay here forever? ?
Never, never, never you mind 
I'll find
tattered my soul boy
Oh ain't that a wonder

Oh, but didn't you always say
There's gonna be a better way
I'm still lying in the muck
and mucking down with
There is a singer everyone has heard
At night he turns into a mucking bird
If I whistle in the dark he'll do that to.

I met him on the road,
Oh, you'll never guess what's up
My mucking head blew up
My chins in an old man's backyard
I gotta sneak threw his yard
To find the fothermucker
and the moss grows
The turf lies row after row
Out there in the sun to dry
I breathe it in as I pedal on by
With the kids and the dogs mucking together
a garish nightmare and your design
You say:
I don't care if I'm better off dead
I don't want you mucking with my
(I don't want you mucking with my head)
66 my friend that's the name of the route
California at the end's what we'll find out
On the way to the top no time for mucking about

Ain't on no
is it 
Not a fother mucking thing 
I'm like a plane that's broke and floats in blizzard
I know a girl who thinks I'm narcissistic 
You're not God, ugh,
Inside my head is a mucking fuddle
I've just got to, got to burst this bubble

Please don't tell me it'll be OK
Those platitudes don't pierce my brain
Not gonna let myself go
It's time for my renaissance
Time to hold my own
I've been here forever
Stuck in a fantasy
Non-stop mucking around
That easy-going man of blood 
Mucking out in the McLennan county mud 
If you're hoping he won't well of course then he must 
Driving his truck
cover, everybody drinks the same beer
Everybody goes on at length about getting out of here

Look at you there wearing your hair shirt
Mucking around
a goat-herd, just because some long-haired conjuror starts
mucking about. (makes gesture again)
Just like that.  "You're cured."  Bloody do-gooder!
Look away now before it kicks off

The hard men, the hard men
Ooh they are the hard men
Ooh the tough blokes

Hard men like mucking about
Give you
and mucking up

There's a man that lives next door
In my neighbourhood
In my neighbourhood
He gets me down

He gets in so late at night
Always a fuss
a bullet between your knees baby come on
Oh just tell them

Stop blowing the don put his keks back on
'cause I am the mob
Stop mucking around, with
Started from the bottom
Just hit rock bottom
Hold up
Pushing it down
No mucking around 
No more 
I can't find the reason
Continue this treason
aint no love triangle
There aint a lost Link
Put in some Triforce
Cause you here, looking for some Hyrule
But you'd hate that wouldn't you
Mucking round
In the best of everything, showed your teeth

Sami, you're still my Sophie
Mucking about in my psyche
You dusted me off low-key
Now I'm the prize again
mucking about
Fucking disgusting
How you run your mouth
Sickened by people
That won’t hear me out
It’s a death by the ocean
But this just a drought
Woulda said a thing, never bring your knife to my gunfight
I'm like a comet rocking earth and blocking out the sunlight
I'm mucking up the weather system,
had enough
I'm filling in any minute now 
Don't let these others trick you into thinking they're tough 

You see mucking around with the man isn't
Boy won't you listen to me now
Won't you stop muck-mucking about
I swear I see through your shit
It's not in good faith I'll
End this shit right now
molecularly changed
Like I'm delirious
Y' think you're mucking round
I take you serious
I just know I'm witnessing a genius, genius
Don't got to ask what

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