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No Need/Obvious Is Obvious (Low) · Fear Not the Obvious (The Yayhoos) · Down on the Farm: A Collection of the Less Obvious (U.K. Subs) · Obvious (Plus One) · Obvious (Plus One) · Obvious (4Him) · Beyond the Obvious (Jinxed) · Edu & Tom/Tom & Edu (Antonio Carlos Jobim) · Tom Tom Club (Tom Tom Club) · Tom Tom Club (Tom Tom Club) – and 90 other albums »

Brothers, Miles Davis
Mr. James Brown, 2Pac
Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls

Billie Holiday, Cathy Hughes
Charlie Parker, Betty Shabazz
Denzel Washington,
Talkin' bout call up some mo friends
Aight, I'll hit Mr. Taylor in the Benz
Tell him "Once again it's on, I got to turkeys in the ozone gettin it