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little girl
Trouble (trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble) is my middle name

	I'm just a born wanderer driftin' by one day
	Each place that I've been,
I always kind of figured love would pass me by
The kind of girl I wanted wouldn’t want a guy like me
I thought that she, wouldn’t look twice
I like to move it move it
I like to move it move it
I like to move it move it
Yeah like to move it!

All girls all over the world,
Original mad
I like to move it move it
I like to move it move it
I like to move it move it
Yeah like to move it!

All girls all over the world,
Original mad
(Instrumental Break)
  Well I started searchin' over land and sea
  Where'd my baby go
  And I know for certain that she's true to me
  Cause she told
yer tryin' a-hide? Hmmm? What's inside a girl? Ain't no hotter question in a so-called civilized world. Can't see it by satellite baby that's cheatin'.
Well it's 10:55 we're spitting out songs by the dozen
And the way that you move girl it's better than a rock 'n' roll song
Do you remember last
I went down to the meat rack tavern
And found myself a big ol' healthy girl
Now she was drinkin' alone
Aw what a waste of sin
So I went on over
little girls...)


Me and my girls are takin' over

Ya better know

There's nothing that we can't do

When it comes to standin' up

And defendin'
inside a girl?
Somethin's tellin' me there's a whole nuther world.
Ya gotta pointy bra...ten inch waist.
Long black stalkings all over the place.
to tell my fans 

I got my shades, big rock star compared to Elvis 
Signin' autographs for rappers while girls move they pelvis 
Write songs quickly for

Well I bet your mama doesn't know
What her baby's into now
And you know how much she can cost
When you pay by the hour
And I guess that you can
Every little move she makes,
Is gonna catch somebody's eye.
You ought to see all the double-takes,
When she goes walkin' by.
But she's so
why she doin' this to me?)
Punched in the teeth, teeth by love
(all over my girl)
Punched in the teeth, teeth by love
Punched in the teeth, teeth by
the streets below
Cars and the people
Lonely church steeple surrounded by gray
We need to move away

Here we go over and over and over
You're talking about it
We're here [the show is over] 
The final frontier 

[we breathe adrenaline,] elevate organically [right] 
My pen like a turntable arm moves
and over again in my head
Oh but Los Angeles ain't that far,
And the rest of the girls 
Said they'd be there, by my car.
alright, alright, alright girl I'm wrong.

[--- Instrumental ---]
I heard that love's flame can blind
But slowly burn out over time
Now we'll know that
Girl, show me emotion with the lights down low
Worked too hard just to let it go, yeah, yeah
This time I got to let you know

That, it's no
heard aloud the shrill of blank deathly sound
I tried, I tried, I tried to run, but every move I was where I begun,
It's too late, shadows over me blind
until you had enough
Of that good ol sicky stuff

And girls they come in runnin over again with that STICKY 24-7

Your sticky good I can't lie
It taste
that very spice and tasty
Really can't help but to move yo body crazy
You feelin' somethin' and I know you just can't help it
And I know what your
There's a girl across the room
Who'd kill to be with you tonight
She's been looking over here
And she's made it pretty clear
So, don't lose your chance with
over there right away
I'm trying to think of something to say
Well I think I'll have one more drink
I'll be ready to make my play
But this guy moves
against me since the outset
9th got 'em fiending for an instrumental version of an album that ain't out yet
But now it's my outlet, and it feels so good

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