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Ty flyin by in 'Lac truck like a {O.G.}
And Gotti's dough's quiker then a {O.G.}
Ferrari and Charli and Jody move like a {O.G.}

Ol' Wizzy
[Black Child + Charli Baltimore]
My nigga Ja sold more records then a {O.G.}
Ty flyin by in 'Lac truck like a {O.G.}
And Gotti's dough's
Yo nahmsayin?
Yeah she'll take you out too kid
Take this shit out

A rainy day laid up thinkin' sittin' gettin' bent
Watchin' old seventy
[verse 1]
First of all yo gotti represent every thug
Went to school graduated operated with drugs
Had knowledge went to college fucking bitches
betta put a low jack on yo hoe mane

I just call her boo
I think her name is Shawna
What I really know bout the girl that drive the Honda. 
I just call
[Daz] It's been a long time since you've heard from us Dat Nigga Daz Dillinger, Young Gotti Kurupt And now we back wit a little rhyme We can't stop,
now my target is Ridgecrest with working hands
I'm posted up with double ups to do a gotti and
You understand


I move bricks like
as shorty was full of car chases
While runnin' with John Gotti's and Scarface's

N****s knew, I'd be the Don in my own crew
A million n****z with
You cannot blind me addicted to a life of crime
My time as shorty was full of car chases
While runnin' with John Gotti's and Scarface's
you ain't a soldier, then what's yo' purpose bitch?!!

[1st Verse: [Silkk The Shocker & Master P]]

[Silkk The Shocker]
See, I'm a N-O, nigga L-I
it'll take em years to bite it
Which the greatest fears I don't write it it just appears outta no where like da
Information contain by the phycic like it
Yo introducing the improvement of a natural act
You hear this beat drop and watch it move the front to the back
And it's actually time to react
Tell It you too nice
All you want to do is lick her pussy and hit her bare
She want to fuck with a nigga that don't really care
Yo gotti hit the bitch
These are the only child blues
The only child blues
The only child who? yo yo yo

Back once again, hello it's yo' favorite mellow schizo
The pavement
Watch it
Move back away from him
Is he dead?
He passed out on the sofa

Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Light a blunt, get pumped
Hit 'em low like Roberto
Go blow-for-blow; I'm the man

The man'll get the suits like MacGuyver, move like Kaiser
Ain't nobody bustin' liver, fuck
Look here, you know what I mean, I done did a lot of
shit in my life, Yo Gotti, street raised street paid...

I'ma sell my dope
Mr. Slick is out to prove somethin
I'm all up in this pussy, pass the chrome, time to move somethin
(Yo, it's the turnaround)

[ VERSE 1 ]
Tonight my
the stacks, slumped over, head in they lap

[Black Child]
Yo, we constantly count cream in the crackhouse
Basically, we bangin' bitches backs out
I feel
Irv Gotti
Game back on his shit, I'm enemies with everybody
Game cook crack, transform to Yayo
The new Suge Knight nigga, minus the K, yo!
I keep
I'm down for mine, all the time, on the grind)
Yeah homie, you gotta keep yo hustle on
Don't let these bitch niggas move you of the block
The gangstas
couldn't hide form myself
An' if I push my wig back, then I die by myself
'Cause it gets

Deeper an' deeper
With every move I make I'm fallin'
Deeper an'
Fiend up by my side, my enemy bound to die
Got no mercy in my eyes label Gotti one of the realest

[Chorus x2]

I was born a bastard, my pops was
[Talking: Yo Gotti]
I'm a North Memphis Survivor...Survivor
I'm a North Memphis Survivor...I'm a young nigga, money and power
I'm a North Memphis
Grown ups, in between, children and babies
Right about now it's yo boy, ya heard, back again
DJ Mannie

Fre Fresh err Fresh
Fre Fresh err Fresh

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