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I'm too young for the hammer on my shoulder
Too young for the gun at my side
Standing at a door that's moulded over
Could this emotion rid me
sell cane when I was able
Forget the labels
And the fables
I’m enabled
Not disabled
I am Cable
When I am stable
Attraction’s fatal
Moulded with no time
My heroes
The kingdom where
The kingdom where I 
The kingdom where I am queen 
Is marbled and moved and moulded from ideas like DNA

My heroes
servants of extinction - moulded vessels of flesh  we have brought this on our selves leading this heard of human cattle into a merciless slaughter no longer
threw the wind in it
In it for the incline, included to entwine
Inclination of any innovation within mine
Mine like I moulded it one rib scopeded it
this bunch of flowr's, I think they're pretty
To place upon a freshly moulded grave

If you will show me, Father, where she's lying
Or if it's far,
The world at my sneakers,
Gold pieces moulded with Jesus features, 
Give streets the fever from the way I spit the Ether,
Came on the scene at 19
Moulded in the image of his maker
Man shall have dominion over all
But because we're nothing more than human
Sometimes we stumble 
Sometimes we fall
fancy shoes, we went in our play clothes
Received the word and it moulded me like Play Doh
We don't play though, we don't play though
They say we get
okay though
He know we're moulded in the image of God like Play-Doh
But still he wax philosophical like Aristotle
Maybe one day they'll come up with
Ooh, yeah
From rags to riches, here I stand
Shaped and moulded by your loving hand
With faith and trust unshaken
You led me all the way
of life itself
Crafted and moulded all in one form
Split up and scattered in the world that we own

Grow towards me
Beknight the strength
now, then when?
Not now, then when?
The lust denies the need.

Existence is a steady flow,
The moulded image grows.
No core, no faith in
this bunch of flowr's, I think they're pretty
To place upon a freshly moulded grave

If you will show me, Father, where she's lying
Or if it's far,
They hit close to home separating flesh from bone
So better get off on your own bitch
Rollin' chrome shit tryin' to own shit, I was moulded
My boots on the shoulders
Of those the movement has moulded
Notice, do what you suppose to
And bring the truth that much closer
But you bamboozled
The guardian of the country
She was always there
Like the trooper that was moulded on the Morris Depot Square

Come ye troopers of old
Where’re ye may be
all walks of life
We came off that parade square all moulded as one

Rhodesia Regiment
You fought for empires and states
From your birth
Until your
and embracing bitterness. there's no way to be but we've got to face it.  

diamond, oblong, and spherical or round hearts moulded like sponges once again. all
an evil grin
And boredom saps what's left 
And spits you out an empty thing 

Long corridors with moulded doors 
Whose rooms are drowning in asbestos
from charcoal remnants
Beneath the ground moulded and putrefied Human fertilizer, a rotted revenant

Festering forever the unholy undead

World wide
hope in a world of pain.

Moulded every virtue that is true to me.
With eyes set in the present and a mind of honesty. 

Ultimate War.

Ultimate war with
Broken pieces pouring through my hands 
You moulded me, scolded me, made sure it's a struggle to breathe 
Know that I made a promise to myself if you were
Forbidden wisdom
Concealed and arcane
The power of the moon
Directed through your brain
The light of the night
Moulded by your pinky finger


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