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Instead of building these lasting fences
What's in the heart matters most of all
Most of all

It's a colorful world, it's a beautiful world that we live in
A place long since forgotten
In a world of yesterday
Except by me, yeah me
And Oh, whose plan was this anyway
And I never thought "He" would want it
the most,
Is the places you have come to fear the most. 

Buried deep as you can dig inside yourself, 
And hidden in the public eye. 
Such a stellar
have felt like the first time
Gettin' kissed by the sun
When God made woman

It must have been the most beautiful day
Lookin' down on all creation
Almost too beautiful
Do you see what I see?

To him it's beautiful
My world is beautiful
How can this be what it seems?
All of my most secret dreams
love in the most romantic places
What more can one man do

Livin' in a world of girls
It's like swimming in a sea of pearls
Tastes like caviar, watching
England seemed like such a beautiful place from afar
Until one day I went and saw how miserabely how things really are

All fantastic images they
The most peaceful place
There's a place where everyone can be happy
It's the most beautiful place in the whole fuckin' world
It's made of candy canes and planes
While ill intents were put into place it all started with an embrace 
Now staring eyes drift into space, a seductive spell cast unto the most deviant
It's not simple to say
That most days I don't recognize me
That these shoes and this apron
That place and its patrons
Have taken more than I gave
she's calling me to her
These eyes have seen the most beautiful dream.

Found each other staring at the waves
Started talking, I couldn't break away
love is the most beautiful thing
But its a lost somewhere along the way to money and fame (to money and fame)
Isn?t the world a crazy place?

it makes me
I would run for you to the edge of the world
Just to tell you that you're the most beautiful girl
I would run for you (run for you)
I would run for
love and love is all you do
I should know by now the way I fought for you
You're not to blame, everyone's the same

I know you think that you're safe
made beautiful
We're the redeemed
This is who we are

Our afflictions overtaken
By the inexplicable
With a grace that takes the place of chains
I'm a poor peasant boy, I'm a dirt farmer's son
And I feel like a king when I know that my work is all done
For at twilight I know, there's a place
can leave me for dead 
'Cause I got one good fight 
Left in me tonight, 
And the most beautiful girl in my head. 

Sometimes she comes to me in
and they'll come get me. To place me next to you, right next to you. 

Beautiful, letting go of all you've held onto, why can't I, why can't I. Beautiful
had his breakfast ready every morning 
And his lunch in a box sitting there by the kitchen door. 
She'd make sure he had everything he needed
love and love is all you do
I should know by now the way I fought for you
You're not to blame, everyone's the same

I know you think that you're safe
Betrayal, more than a dirty word for me
Everywhere I see
Trust, became a diamond to me
Forever out of reach

In came the sounds that
but I wept with your movements. I hope you are laughing now from that place of the carpet
where we shared a sleeping bag, in your sisters
Our world is a strange place,
Escape this mental prison,
Encompassed by bright lights, "fast life",
Giant-like buildings leaving their
thrust and I lost touch 
with the people places and things that I love 
and got lost in this

But you can't live a life blunted by decisions already