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keep the struggle
Are you ready now? Embrace this rumble
In this place all burn makes you for sure
Blow your mind

Feel the silence mortifying
Its mortifying remembering
But I won't ever beg you if I could

If you think you see a tear
You better not be near
You better run
Hold the gun
Pray your
the fallen mortifying faith
Hear the nailed Christ sorrowful screams
As the holy wounds hurt and bleed

Pestilent infestation towards retribution
sometimes you are so mortifying
From the hole in your leopard skin tights I can tell you've been spying
But your generation confesses before it transgresses
mother, sometimes you are so mortifying
From the hole in your leopard skin tights I can tell you've been spying
But your generation confesses before it
bizarre and painful way of welcoming their infants into the community.
Ryan : (garbled)
TV : Unfortunately, the death rate from this ritual is a mortifying
- for the rest of your days.
'Imagine'... that you're happy now.
It's easy if you try - because we're all caught
up in a mortifying loop - LIFE.
Ravaged disassembly, neatly cubed and diced
- A cold mannequin reassembled
Astute brain teaser, incorporate flesh and bone
So mortifying
ghetto street corner (the Chief, uh-huh)

Eyes in my mind, pulse signs in my rhymes
Lines are inclined shine, dine in my shrine
Warring time, mortifying
ignored all the warning signs
Reality kinda mortifying
Y'all apart in the future kinda horrifying
Faded picture broken glass, let a little time pass
the war fast forward owning self-destruction and all achieve a missile
Tests mortifying flash huddles 'round the radio and tube console to control
it's mortifying, we'll prevail
So, i ask a question
And then i ask another question
Without allowing you to first address the aforementioned
Moving past
pain! Mortifying pain

Nobody cares 'bout your stupid love! Nobody shares affection or trust
Nobody takes your offerings! Nobody gives a fuck 'bout you...
into gold

There's so much more that you'll never know
At least we're here at the end

It's mortifying thought
That it took a whole life to steal and yet
get goosebumps
These are monster bars
Horrifying how I defy the odds
Mortifying just for the cause
More than fly
I'm more like wasp
All the time never
Intoxicating concoction
Brewed with the blood of our foes
Fermented bile and liquified pus
Aged in a cask made of bone
Mortifying morbid moonshine
hide a crush
Oooo ooooo
You sat on the hood
And bet me I'd win big
Hold 'em on the dashboard
I can't lose a round
Mortifying fantasy
To play without
This is the wonderful 
Beautiful, perpetual...
a world so mortifying, don't settle for borderline
Hit the gas no brakes, it's your time to toe the line
You're on a mission to win all of your family
and upside down like a handstand
A horrifying rush of blood to the head
It's mortifying what you'll do to make pain descend
Look a bit closer, you'll slowly
fire on my rent
And I been cruising in the Honda
And I'm whipping the Bent
And I been deadly mortifying
But I look heaven sent
Cause I spit a lot
mortifying the flesh
Oh me of little faith
Seeks deeds of the body and death
From many days away
You’re still asking me to change myself
Boy, guess I’m stuck
I'm pouring sound like fucking gasoline
And when its my recordings, shit is mortifying heat
Check the status
Swear to god I love that I am me
footsteps, your fear, till blood in your veins
The inevitably and inescapably cruel attack

Creature of darkness, mortifying and acting with cruelty

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