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[redman] hahh [method] hah
[method] yeah [redman] yeahhh
[ll cool j] make it butter
[redman] I'm gonna bankhead bounce!
[ll cool j] no
Uhh, 3000 baby, uh huh, ooh, raunchy, raunchy

Good riddance, to niggas and bitches bullshittin
I house MC's like baths
See its the shots of Henessey that's in me, Reggie Noble through after me
It takes two to tingle, and two to fuck
I done fucked in Range
can have some more
Now that you spent it (a lil' bit) you can taste it a (a lil' bit)
If you like it (a lil' bit) you can have some more

[Method Man]
this the kind of shit I know you want
E made the beat let me show you somethin
Quite a few haters want to see us played out
But we got the formula

[Hook: Redman]
Yo, you niggaz know you can't fuck around
You niggaz know you can't fuck around
You see me, you be yuckin duckin up
ROUGH shit man, you know how we do!

Mic check, I walk around the streets with a black tech nine
by the waistline, kickin the hype shit
Trying to convince freshmen they're somebody
By spending all of their parents' money on kegstands
And Matt says I don't fit in.

All this
You know I know I won't
You're more than just a ghost in a shell
A ghost in a shell

So here's a little story 'bout Milly and Matt
Milly always
[Adam F]
Here come the remaining beautiful people
And for all of you who survive, we hope you enjoyed the ride
2002 will see some new added
When I see a big ass I go and - GET 'EM!
(Fuck the club, man!)
(I'mma fuck where I - GET 'EM!)

[Verse 2: Saukrates (Redman)]
Saukrates, all action,
Singing we shall overcome
Standing up for all they believe was right
They knew that God was on their side
Will we ever see the light
Before we reach
cho Lord
A man ah should always feel free

You bredda Matt noh, bopther gwan lik a rat
Because de rat him get a dend up by de cat
You sister Pat noh
[Chorus repeats 2x]
If I'm a dog, then we some dogs
We all gunna chase cats, tell them dog
Girl don't waste that swallow it all
We just
"The ?"
(feat. Redman)

Man he must of bumped his motherfucking head or something
Yo M.C.'s out there, you betta stand clear
me see a cowboy show 

I'd seen the cowboys and Indians for the first time then 
Told my Papa gotta go again 
Papa said "Son we got a life to run
to the vale and through

In love and peace we'll see the shadows and the trees and voices too
But quietly slowly tread this home of the forgotten dead whose
on the jeans Matt wore
To the first show. We're on the road

May 22nd, '06
Zoli just tried to ignite a Roman candle stick
We're troubling the stateside with
on a see-saw
I try to see more

Somebody da-ditty, nobody
Walking on sunshine, but, still, we're treading water
The son of many reasons searching for
It's evident we hurt, you ignored our cry
On the outside the ghetto just another mind state
And import more minorities to help the crime rate
Erick Sermon, Redman keep keep it on
K to M Keith Murray keep keep it on
Keep keep on, ya don't stop
Keep keep it on, and ya don't stop
Keep keep it on,
In world news today officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias Scarface must be stopped 
After being monitored by secret service agents for two
what's the matter?
We get hot sex served on a platter
Nick nack paddy wack givin' Matt a boner
So much paper but we ain't stoners

Go'n get wild for
I come through your block? 
Sheek, Funk Doc, Meth on top 
Porsche, 300 horse fly by, back open pumpin How High (How High) 
Yeah, can y'all see that
Uncle Marshall!
Will you tell us a bedtime story?

Here we go...

Now once upon a time not long ago
There was a little rapper about to blow
But his