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Earnest little lover, little mystery man
Nothing thrills you like denial
There's nothing wrong with the need to please
And children know no shame
your calls until it lets up
Oh, just one more season, you will be good

Tonight, oh
Don't even, don't even try, oh

'Cause when I'm concentratin'
fuck you out cho' money, yo mind, yo keys

From the days of Pugh boys, tries and Mickey D's fight

The fact that be's was tight, we be on Sunday night
by lonely beats and O.D.B.'s dope rhymes were my first words
Like, can I beg your pardon
Fuck you, can I say what's on my mind?
So one day I started
mercilessly into the glorious ranks of the Imperium. And all who were touched by this ruinous arc of coruscating radiance knew no more... Men and beasts reduced