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And everyone I've ever known
Has been drowned in the morass

Sometimes I wonder what I've done
To warrant a punishment as harsh as this one
But most times I
an eternal lie?
Will we ever brake away from the dark morass?
Will we ever see the sky, natural blue sky?

Every day of your suspense
Brings a clue to their
and the rain fell
On the ground it was blood
I stood in the morass

The rain fell upon my head
A crimson moon arose
My eyes fell upon a huge grey rock

It shows
wallowing in a morass of self-despair
made only more painful by the knowledge
that all I am is of my own making ...

When everything around me, even
With stinking Billy's morass of flesh
And the Yorkies drifted
1902 Metropole
The Yorkies [ripley yorks] shifted and drifted
I said to them
No one can deny a return to form 
Irrespective of the morass, shame, and scorn
But then finally there's someone to believe
Ready to emerge
darkness from lines on you
Over havens fora full and swollen morass, young habitat
All been living alone, where the ice snap and the hold clast are known
Avoiding conditions
An excellent bypass
And crashing traditions
Submerged in their morass

And always the drinking card
And always a plan for
of yesteryear
Who as you crawled out of the alleys of obscurity
Sentenced to rejection in the morass of anonymity

You, who I directed with the lovers will
out of the alleys of obscurity
Sentenced to rejection in the morass of anonymity
You who I directed with lovers will, you who I let hypnotise the lens
Who, as you crawled out of the alleys of obscurity,
Sentenced to rejection in the morass of anonymity.
You, who I directed with a lover's will; you who
caught in a trap of the past and the land has become quicksand, a Morass
Watch ice turn to water and water placed on boil as we bathe in our waste and oil
Without the morass of corporeal death plucked my soul
By avenging angel searing disdain
Transfixed with incandescent wrath
On wings torrential
the morass you invent
Enough of your malfeasance we're the 99 percent 
vilified proletarians you claim to represent

This Class war makes me sick 
It's time
the phone
But THEY wouldn't leave me alone
Anger, depression, rage, misdirection
There was a gaping morass in my emotional veneer

Friends came over and did
People fastly moving to the termination phase

Blindfold enforcement
Rudimental honour
Sewn shut eyes of Themis
Gazing at the morass
Of our law
roots - And I bled my roots


So godless the veil of morass.
So spoken, the blood on my wishes.
A melancholy withers why

for the first time
There is no way back
Slow sinking into the morass of disdain
No shelter can give you a rest
The memory of you with the smell of hate
Monoxide in your toes
Baby home foreclosed
Your father was a drinker
Pleading at the door
Bruising underscore
Sticky red tincture
am with you always, says the Lord

Thro' desert ways, dark fens and deep morass
Thro' jungles, slugish seas and mountain pass
Build ye the road,
a position of sovereignty
That we might look down upon our inferiors
And cast their kin unto the morass of mediocrity
Where they belong

To a return
In the morass...I squeeze you
and on the street, I smell you..
There is no place to hide

Sorry, cony... I locked my door
I gave you words, So drink it
Until I was empty
Emptied inside out
Now I lie in waiting
To be filled
For promises to be fulfilled
Incubated in the morass
Blacker than mankinds
And we're taking aim

The venom in your words makes me stagger
Do you spend the day sharpening your daggers?
Wading through the morass of your

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