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don't need moralizing
We don’t need someone
To feel so rising
We just wanna have fun
We don't need moralizing
We don’t need someone
To feel so rising
to lose it
Her sex appeal is mesmerizing
It killed Cupid
No nigga occupying me
Or synchronizing me
You must be Stupid
I'm moralizing me

Crack city
Made a good choice when I chose to go outside
The verse is all done and we're getting on our bikes
Telling my homie that I like my girls ripe
And then the white light flashed the end is near
Escaped, bolted into space slowly twisted
No moralizing for the fire is real
Set off on a course
useless sitting on the Internet life passes by him
From constant moralizing on the Internet
Or from writing reviews about anything
Or just social media
Be my Mentor
I want your
Influence I do

If the people fear moralizing
Then how else to fill this vacuous space
Within my heart a Sun is
of war
The glory of gluttony is what we live for
Moralizing innocence of uncorrupted youth
The illusion of discerning lies from truth

A conscious

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