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Break me open you’ll find
Moonless Night
Deepest dark where the stars can shine 
Moonless Night
Cut from a bolt of velvet cloth
Moonless Night
On a dark moonless Mississippi night
On a dark moonless Mississippi night
She was screaming down the road trying to get away
From this fool who had
That night

Once there was a night beneath a moonless sky
Too dark to see a thing, too dark to even try
I stole to your side to tell you I must go
to look like day to me
Take your time
In this endless moonless night
We used to be two different lights
In this endless moonless night
We were magnetized
It´s time
Let´s call out our lovers

I found my light in a moonless town
My eyes were pale and yet my smile was wide
It´s wide  Call my love
Call my
a moonless night
Blind like a moonless night
Blind like a moonless night

Like a moonless night
Blind like a moonless night
Mighty father hear our call: this sacrifice in moonless night
Blood is spilled on everywhere; the only sounds are virgin's cries

Feel the smell
the moonless expanse we paced the sands of the west
Forest energies merging through the trees, wandering still
Wandering still through the stars
流れる星よ 見つめて
叶わないと わかっているけど
貴方を 愛さなくなれたら
苦しまないよ moonless night

生まれて来なければ 傷つけなかった
何処で芽生えたんだろう 殺したい弱さ

貴方の体温 知る前の私なら

気まぐれでもいい もう一度笑って欲しい
deathlike bloodmoon
Hides its face beneath the festering clouds
The gloom, my silhouette hides
I soar the moonless skies

I prowl in eerie silence
Oracles drunk with a sulphur spring
Still sought the three-faced Hecate
Cursing holes
On moonless nights
For what is more
Forever or never more
Take a look around and see
What's stopping you is stopping me
One moonless night and we'll make it right
And vanish in the dark of night

Pack up
I could never quit you, no
You gotta let me be
Sharpened up my razor, picked a piece of ground
One of these dark and moonless nights
Be the last
as the night is cold
Shadow walking into the unknown
Black under black hood robe
Under moonless heavens 

Up the river from the valley
The palisade in
I've had
where you blink a moment with my eyes
and feel the love I've found
Dreams I've had
where you see me through a moonless haze
In darkness love
and leave you the
Vinyl nites, violet lights
Vinyl nites, violet lights 
Under this moonless sky I leave you here you know why
You and your moonless sky 
on a moonless night
Cos you are all I hear
I might lose myself on a moonless night
For you are never fear
I might lose myself on a moonless night
Cos you are
there'll always be the person, the person, you are tonight" 

Midnight, a moonless night 

Remembering all the hours that we had spent together 
A current

My people yearn for answers
I sense the savior somewhere near
My cradle's of the most disgraced ones
I wish I was older enough
it darling
Even on a moonless night
Like the sun is to the sky
You're a sure thing in my life
I don't need the lights on
To see your love tonight


It says
I'll be with you always 
I'll be with you

I'll be one of the stars shining bright in your sky 
in the dark of a moonless night

I'll be

Wind shall sweep the moonless sky
The reflection of a sulfur fire

Dismal gale - alicious storm of fate
Brought forth to assail the creation
the place for me
If the word gets out
Oh, oh, oh
There will be no doubt
Oh, oh, oh
They will hang me high
Oh, oh, oh
In the moonless sky
Oh, oh, oh
It was a moonless night
It was an empty sky
It was a bad excuse
I was the only fool in sight
It was a crazy thought
A madman's walk
It was

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