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Unbelievable atrocity
Hateful monstrosity
Draining scientific minds
Pathological deeds
God's vision destroyed

Sinister joker

Brought into being
Behind the walls of laboratories
Crimes go unseen

Dawn of the biomachines

Horrific cruelty inflicted
Demons in
redemption's side 
Whose scars are bigger than these doubts of mine 
I'll fit all of these monstrosities inside 
and I'll come alive 

With my fist down
Do my bidding as I direct
I, creator of atrocities
The shaper of monstrosities
Your Majesty, of agony and blasphemy

Greed, lust, and gluttony
erection, a pimply complexion
Man I got problems, I'll bet you heard
I'm completely misunderstood

Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
Fa fa

I'm a monstrosity
for a better life
But I never thought I would fail
My inflicted homicide

Grafting and countless surgeries
Just can't embellish my monstrosity
those lips, that skin. I wish they were mine to spend." love is a fire I'm a monstrosity with curves in all the right places. I'm the monstrosity that

Secret city
The cemetery Mydlan
Tribes of the moon
Natural world left behind
Like a nocturnal dream
Tribes of the moon
Monstrosity with
Our hearts are still, they lie untouched
We’re worlds apart, we sleep alone

Don’t leave me with this monstrosity

With pills I’m fine, they
seeps into my sanity
Wreaking vengeance upon a lucid ordure
Clarity, a monstrosity, take me from this mental travesty
Leaning over the precipice of my
Putrefaction from within
A fusion of black flesh and monstrosity

Putrefaction to come
As the pillar of life collapse
Extreme shockpulse of anguish
Loch Ness confess to me

Somehow it heeds the piper
From battlements that call
From side to side it ponders
In passion in the skirl

a brain
Being born addicted to cocaine

Living monstrosity
A freak for life they'll always be
Never knowing love or hate
Only pain the drug create
- left standing pre-war 
The ones overshadowed by the monolith monstrosities 
Councils call homes

And there amongst the shit - the dirty linen
strength that i'm willing to die for 

Take away from me this monstrosity 
'Cause my futile thinking's not gonna solve nothing tonight 
Ask me for what
look pretty 
And erecting identical concrete monstrosities
They're killing off all of the animals too
The only ones left are the ones in the zoo 
can't I?
No thought of the consequences
I've got to know the meaning of life

Lightning strikes, it's the witching hour
The monstrosity comes alive
of ruin. Murderous ambition
Bloodshed, the careless taking of lives
A conduct symbolic of its condition

Behold the newborn monstrosity
to many, to others the butt of their jokes
There came a disturbance in the indian sea
Something in the depths, a monstrosity
An invisible woman kept a file
A monstrosity to the world
to this, monstrosity
You took the most abundant smallest bits of matter
And you instilled them with affinity
And then you stratified accumulations
Like a carniver of flesh.
A union of monstrosities.

Curveless, boundless, eyeless.
I flee from the source of my agony.
Since I, in my beasthood,
[Lyrics: L. Harrison; music: Monstrosity]

Dismal. Fears that I have known
Haunt me. Words cannot express
My torture. I mourn reality
Morbid machinery, sustained monstrosity
Genetic abomination in hideous atrocity
Wrinkled body torn from formaldehyde
Placed gently on a silver bed
This seems too big for me
Hulking monstrosity
Too late to get out now
And like the speed of sound
This thing has brought me down
I don't

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