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entertained by the monkey on your back
Can we still call it a joke if no one laughs?
It's either going up in smoke around me, or according to plan
a part of you enjoyed it
The chains were always turning the wheel
The monsters were part of the deal
The days are slipping by, my friend
So let it flow
I went to your house a little monkey in the gloom
You were making bacon the punch line came too soon
Made me a beverage thought I had it made
monkeys no match, make a mistake and get mauled by this mamba
Movin' with the mobsters of Molotov
When I mingle in a midnight, moments are muggy
I pull up front in that monster truck
And I park that shit Jurrassic
Got a drunk bitch on my mattress
Doing backflips, gymnastics
She holding
teething I'm marking a beast sheep
Like I walk in front of 39 thieves in a beat
Smores over warm helvetica brown proper
For the odd God or monster, proper
a glass wankavator
Monster maker
Operate wild by the company of the turn stones and thinner
Talk his way out of a sunburn and be home in time for dinner