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near you I wouldn't be far from you

I've got a feeling you know what you did




DC Bag (2x)

Time to put your money
I got a little bit of hope
Like a soap on a rope 
Sweeter than sour 
Gettin' thinner by the hour 
Fallin' fast and I'm runnin' out of gas
I made a wish on Aladdin an imaginary menagerie in Manhattan
Filled with robots dancin like Michael Jacksons or Janet Jacksons-- Control
replaced by a Base
Sown from the seeds of a white disgrace
And money TV made it all for free
Did they really do it for you and for me?

keep a stash safe kid, when I proposed it made her face big

She keep me jigg, glorifying medallions
Got me in clothes made by Italians, feed me
a nickel for every precious moment
That I had spent like water day by day
Like some men made of mud there's a far road that I turn
I would have money
can't agree
How the world turns
Who made the sun
Who owns the sea
The world we know will fall piece by piece

Money's only paper only ink
to the grave
Self made, self made

Live and die by the chance we're taking
Money don't buy the life that we're making

Never by the book, always underestimated
Money (x29)

Money on my motherfucking mind
Cop five haircuts at the same time
White gold pants, jet ski made of wine
Foie gras
girls, money, and fame

I play their game, and then they scream my name
I will show no shame, I live and die for this
If I come off soft, then chew on this
Money, money, money, money

I'm here to make some waves
Hoping to convince you
Before you have a thing to say

Be it a car or expensive caviar
They judge you by your money
Or the color of your skin
They read you by the cover
Don't take time to read within

They judge you without jury
a fantasy land
I just keep 'em on the road so they can pay the money man
I'll be long gone before they understand
My promises are strong like a road made
Put up your barricades
There's money to be made
Continue your charade
Money to be made

What you're asking for means the world to me
You draw
keep a stash safe kid, when I proposed it made her face big
She keep me jigg, glorifying medallions
Got me in clothes made by Italians, feed me lobster
He had white horses
And ladies by the score
All dressed in satin
And waiting by the door

Ooh, what a lucky man he was

White lace
broke made me rich
Being broke made me rich
Being broke made me rich (yeah yeah yeah)

Money may have made me me richer, but the struggle got me

Easy money for just one run to Peru
It'll be so easy, we'll have no trouble gettin' through
Well I almost made it, except for that one border
to the ceiling
Midst of the war I piss on graves
Kids get graced by my piss poor waves
Never could imagine it living with perellis
Should of check ya rear view
it was a journey
That was never concerning me
'Cause money make it the Green Day
Tecca Nina made it to the grip spot

They lookin' at me with
It’s just so many bottles
It’s just too many whips
It’s just too many models, I want!
Whoa, whoa, whoa

All I want is money
Money, money, money
Money make the world go round [Repeat: x 3]
New York, money make the world go round
L.A., money make the world go round
Midwest, money make
Make plans with your crime family
Get money money, take money money
Get money money, take money money

By age 19 Tyheim is turned out
He ain't talkin'
So I grabbed my wallet and opened wide

She didn't like me but she loved my money
Cleared my clouds and made it sunny
She wanted friends and I
Want a fat crib with the acres
So they spend money that they ain't made yet
Got a benz on tik that they ain't paid yet
Spend their pay cheque

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