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If I got problem 
Find solution 
And I won't stop 
Cause I ain't losing 
You see what I'm doing 
Steady Improving
Modifying the game 
No short
Manipulating, stimulating
Rearranging, modifying Your thoughts

Infiltrating and misguiding
Always deceiving - Your brain

We set sails for
Modifying self again
Soon updating
Resume paralysis
Over consuming

Synthesizing emotion
Staring at a screen
Emulating Tv stars

I was
millions modifying our food
Could that not be a cause

You know I love you in a special way
Although the words themselves I rarely say
For me it's more than
can't even speak
They're planting eggs inside my lungs and I can hardly breathe
Pretty sure they've inhabited my somatosensory cortex
Modifying everything
I'll let you
You don't have to kiss my ass but I'll let you
Why are you lying down
Don't throw away your card
The difference between modifying this
no light lick she don't colonize
Modifying situations I'm great when I optimize
My love for you could be personified
They can't do it like me it's
supervise planet's atmospheric changes
Modifying of natural processes is very dangerous
Ecological deadlock from which there is no exit
Say "Goodbye"
take it easy

Lot on my mind a lot of time
I done spent modifying these rhymes
Just to never put them out
I feel like sometimes these rhymes just won't
A natural past, it hides

Is self-esteem so low these days
That girls insist
On augmenting, covering and modifying?

We don't know how she looks
We don't see
Eat her for the starters
Play her shit on spotify
If you thought I leveled
You'll see baby i be modifying
Talking talking from this morning
All in,
lyrics need modifying
It may take you a while, but just do it in your own timing
For us, it's nothing new, and we making sure it's embedded
Don't try
courses of nature
Modifying them for the eventual purposes of controlling them
And unfortunately affecting our behavior and clouding our mental visions
I spend my days rolling along
Until the day I'll be soaring slowly
I won't ever slow my roll

As I work I feel my worth modifying 
But I'm trying til
gangsters is restless
Youngings is hustlers It’s stress on they checklist
You fall twice get up and make a third shift
Scientific illusions modifying wishes
till you die
Media modifying the makings of your mind
But I ain't here to judge I got the drugs making mine
Hard times, wanna die, but Im programmed
modifying the souls
Of the space humanoids and awesome planets

They´re fighting the evil of the Universe
Priests of shadows of Arzakanden
The Lady of madness
the only thing you got 

Modifying the way you are
They won’t let you see the light
Seems only a few had seen it coming up
Don't try to take the blindfold
shakes, in agony
Dentition modifying, artificially
Carved and maimed in maxillofacial butchery

Eyes stay affixed, as my teeth being pulled with plucks
a clean room modifying parts
Pretending, out here playing God

On a tightrope clutching parasol
Already pondering the chances of a fall

On a bender,
You should be rolling up by now

Shelter from the rain in a parked car
Chopping game, modifying my slangs
Fog lights in the grill, in the grill
A nuclear accident
Vomits into the ocean
An island of garbage
Forged by the discarded
The constant trawling
Modifying habitats
What the fuck
me down when I'm in doubt
And I'm in doubt every day

Words are like weight with density and shape, modifying forms they evaporate
You can choose
of knowledge through disgrace 
She's given me a taste of the misplaced
And I've taken to revising my diaries, 

Modifying the more adamant entries

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