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I said, I meant it
Racin' modification on the Maserati engine
Pull up on the block, my bad, I'm sorry y'all hatin'
Shittin' ordinary life, fuck all
like I did my whole life
instrument of a doomed nation

I´m a modification
create slaves with all my passion
if you want to survive
you have
the way you want to roll, break a hundred out the toll 

[Chorus w/ slight modifications] 

[Chorus w/ Puff talking while B.I.G. sings] 
You know,

And the rituals that soothe and disgust me
Will be gone in some time, I'll be fine
In some time I'll be fine, I'll be
Pondered the significance of short-person behavior
In pedal-depressed panchromatic resonance
And other highly ambient domains...

Arf she said
Germination. Plantation. Exploitation. Civilization. 
A sensational buzz - zzzzzz. 
Crop rotation. Genetic modification. The creation of expectation. Ultimate
A metamorphosis

Every day is a transformation
Every day is a new sensation
Alteration, modification
An incarnation, celebration
Every day is a new equation
towards the sun
I wonder what I will become


Every day is a transformation
Every day is a new sensation
Alteration, modification
An incarnation, celebration
Every day is a new equation
Every day is a revelation
Information, Anticipation
Onto another destination
Modifications on the engine, I'ma hit it
Even if it save or take my life, yeah
I'ma go all out with the ones I came in with
We stand tall if it's wrong
make slight modifications, but
They basically are who they are and who you see
And who you feel that they are
So be cautious when you're searching
Perfection, one direction
One voice, one mind
Selection, mass dissection
Rebuild, refine

Creation, modification
Becoming something more
comes it comes, when it leaves it leaves
You ain't 'bout that life, you can't roll with me, no no

Time for a shift
A metamorphosis, a modification
and Snare on the eighth and their exaggerated reverb.

Cymatics presets and the latest vape modifications.
Razer light up keyboards, stuck keys from
you want, your head is dead silent
Simplify perpetual brain modification
Processing malicious monetary monster
great Delight 
To know how to persuade existence 
Through molecular modification 
This was thought to be the greatest weapon 
An unknown source of death
actually up for the roughest of roughest
See we'll never know
The circle of bodily changes, it's personal modification
No modesty and it's amazing,
of evolution
i am the god of modification

the nightmares that hunt you in dreams
creeping inside your head
because i brought them to 

i design this
ready for a modification
Yes yes I'm convinced we're not this flesh
Can you hear what I'm saying?
Yes yes I'm convinced I'm not this flesh
Can you
Infuse Modification
If Not Removed, Feed Their Level Of Fear
Allow Them To Question, Answer: Hold To Secrecy
New Change In Climate
Embroils This
to make
No last, a modification
Obviously the power of our rhythms
Would make you change your mind
And make you not to damage our armony

Because it's
beautiful colors.

Unavoidable larygectomy
Summon the E.N.T.M.D.
Is this the end for me?
Install the Western Electric number 5000
Creach modification
Cœur sous modification
Wow, wow, wow
T'as pas d'qualification
Album, planification
Cherche pas starification
J'suis sur projet, t'es sur ta
voir, à l'instant 85km/h, est-ce que ce véhicule est débridé?
Tout à fait, tout à fait donc
Là il y a des modifications qui ont été faites dessus, hein?

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