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it's way to late
We celebrate by your deathbed
Wishing that a better society will resurrect

A modern day city symphony
The dying Mother Nature once sang
fashioned acceptable
actions from sociable addict
living this sickly image in this modern day Rome we murder our own
die by the cell phone and yet we can't
Aiyyo  aiyyo 
The modern day  multi rap  Penny Hardaway 
Allah's way  God's day  Range in the garage way 
Freak this  slap meat on this
I'm more than fascinated by the facets of creation and nature
I'm infatuated by the facts and attributes of my Creator
I wager this world don't even
given night and anything else isn't right
Time's ticking by, time's making changes, time's turning friends into strangers
I'm trying to find what