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the modern man looking, looking, looking,like a soft Picasso
He's there with his head in his hand
Repeating to himself an epigram
"live by the scam, die by
and booze
A æ?»odawful sad affair?
And the lights were there to thrill you

my oh my
We live from time to time
And day by day
Itæ?¯ the modern way
Look at me
good news for the modern man, yes it is
Made by the creator's hands, yes he is
Confirmed just who I am
Here I stand
The forever man

it's gotta be
to tell
I'm the new Jean Michel
Surrounded by Warhols
My whole team ball
Twin Bugattis outside the Art Basel
I just wanna live life colossal
and devotion, before the modern world;

And now we live in a two by four,
Never going outside through the door,
They're watching us on the video line,
But we
of crud
Lies upon lies they purposely spread
Modern day fools for a generation of shit
A whoremageddon, new born messiah
Miserable lives reserved for us
sending coldness to the youth
Their souls were taken

New Europa blue the land
Longing for glory it's the nature of man

From New York City
and a modern girl
But I'd rather miss all of that than get caught in the rat race trap
It really ain't so bad learning to live and breathe as a natural man

And felt so relieved
But consider what you leave


I loved but knew not who
Belonged, but not to you
I'm a man of modern hue
to say 
Live by them each and every day 
And as the time pass I know our love will last
Our love will last, our love will last 

Take me blue
are our own god and that's the only way

People live their lives
By something never seen
Dreaming all their lives
Of a place they've never been
don't we live inside the woods and we shower in the rain 
'Cause a nature boy I am 
But nature boys, they are like toys in the hands of modern man
to struggle all the live long day
Man was told that he was born in original sin
By people long ago that were conning him
Man is so out of touch he can't
the life that I truly seek

I have to take a chance and live in risk
'Cause these chances are just passing by
Pieces of my soul being to face
Will someone
It's a choice between God and man 
Undermined by the heretics hand 
Humanity's last ditch try to build a bridge to heaven with earthly lives 
Andy Warhol's modern man builds a castle in the air
The deck is stacked but his house of cards
Grows as high as the market will bear
It won't take
now, now babe

Take me blue
Understand them
Live by them and love me
Then I will be your man
Your one and only man

These are the words
That I
spirit by side, 
Joining hearts and hand and ancestral twine, ancestral twine

Many tribes of a modern kind, 
Doing brand new work, same spirit by
I am a blueblood I will admit that. I dance in blue shoes and wear a blue hat. Live in a blue house on a blue street, in a blue town by a blue creek.
A million lives prepared to die
Is it a song? The battle's on
We take these drives and wonder why
Is it a song? Music lives on
The taste of wine piss
mentally disturbed
Videos show another hostage executed by the terrorist group
Deserve to be annihilated

I get my kicks and I want to start a rager
go through
Paid my dues, my baby boy needs some new shoes
Aiyo, we live from the House of Blues
We did it live from the House of Blues
Aiyo, we
now, now babe

Take me blue
Understand them
Live by them and love me
Then I will be your man
Your one and only man

These are the words
That I
Now down the road just a mile or two
Lives a little girl named Pearly Blue
About so high and her hair is brown
The Prettiest thing boys in this
of feelings I just hate
Blue the color in my way
I must be special because they told me I was
But they flipped out when I said Elvis lives
I could of swore