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Strand-by-strand your hair expands

He's a modern day Jesus. A leader for the meek
Before and after, no more laughter, you too can be a sheik
the most high  is on his way here
I'm trying to stay clear, my mind is my modern day spear

Hey  I say, dispear, huh!
Shaka Zulu, Bobo Shanti, Man a Gideon
Everything was suppose to be all Jesus
Everything was suppose to be all Jesus
But it seems like everything is all Satan
But it seems like
man's wife" (BEOTCH!)
Spartacus Revolt, a slave rebellion that lost
Where 6,000 slaves was nailed on a cross
Cross?  Aw, shit!  Jesus Christ! Time for
Roll up a fat one and pass it around
Lay back hypnotized by The Neptunes sound
My peoples always see me and they think I'm on point
So they roll me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear what they sayin
They really not sayin' nothin.' 
Finite man, rebellin' against infinite God
That don't even sound right
away from ham like Abraham, Lord I follow you
Even when you took my man Chaka God and what I'm a do
You gave the hood a modern day martyr in Brother
the third commandment, who's the man sent?
Modern Lazurus, hands wake the nation

[Killah Priest]
It's revelations, I'm takin' medication, my head is
called friends and them girls too
Sonny do you like they did Jesus crucify you
As he sat there in his chair looking out the window
I'm thinking when you
Tickled by the fact that I'm the modern day Sambo
And just when I think that I'm about to go Rambo
I call up my man and he says he understands,
rainin' hund'eds all around your atmosphere
(It'd be easy) you can build a mansion sky high
'Til can't nobody see the roof when they drive by
rainin’ hund’eds all around your atmosphere
(It’d be easy) You can build a mansion sky high
‘Til can’t nobody see the roof when they drive by
amount of fussin
So when I'm gone, make sure the head stone reads, 'He did it for us'
I'm like your modern day Jesus
I cherish warm thoughts like a gray
such a slut?
Savage and sultry
To the last days of their marriage, she practiced adultry
When she finally bounced on the boy, he drank by the gallon
Napoleon murphy brock (vocals)
Bob harris (vocals)
Johnny "guitar" watson (vocals)

Jesus, that was terrific! I've never experienced anything quite
hope I didn't catch you by surprise
I got a lesson learner fact or fiction swoop through your demise
Open eyes and givin' clear vision the windows broken
a million of Y'all and only one of me(hey)
What happened to the village as far as I can see
It's been burned down by this modern day slavery


My think tank's like a piranha tank think, multiple bites figure
Mega, reality, tera, giga
Grand Theft Auto, modern day Mickey and Mallory Small
And make ya death the sweetest
Punch a hole through ya cleavage
By the way how was Jesus
I hope you been baptized
Fucked up and meet ya maker, with
in the rapture of love'
A whole family that's been bought by the blood
And a new mindset is what God gives them
Brand new rules and new tools for
out of control, never won an ESPY
Bout to buy a black ghost and call that shit SP
Flow outta this World, I'm coming for my Moon man
You niggas slide
Yvonne Thatcher is gunned down and her murderer
Flies away a free man.
Rajiv Gandhi fights dave his country after the
Assassination of his mother.
Modern Christians without Jesus, Rasta's without Reefer
Jamaican's in Princeton without Visa's
Radio's without speakers, Mother nature without the 4
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggas still respect my game so celestials respect my space
And I just might be in