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Want me to love you in moderation
Do I look moderate to you?
Sip it slowly and pay attention
I just have to see it through
You got me looking for
I think I'll take a drink again
I'll have to drink until the end
When I'm asleep you're in my head
All my potential drank to death
In moderation
I love to have a beer with Duncan
I love to have a beer with Dunc.
We drink in moderation
And we never ever ever get rollin' drunk
We drink
It's a good life 
With moderation
Do what you can
Do what you can
Long as it's done 
With moderation
It seems to be a good thing
As good
with this
I don't self-love
I don't self-help
Just slow self-desecration
Man on the edge of time
Man on the edge of time

Everything in moderation
Though this song is my salvation
It's the beast I can't control

But it's all I am inside
I got no time for moderation
Getting by still on the only
nothing in moderation
It's a dirty feeling and it makes you stronger
Well I believe I'm just plain tired

There's a funny way your lip shakes when I
The aphids swarm away 

Hello, hello 
Losing concentration 
Losing motivation 
Losing ground 

Solo solo 
Don't like moderation 
Moderation is masturbation
What is what and what makes you feel good?
All these things I think about I think about
Always come unglued

Yeah I

They're already dead, They're already dead,
They're already dead, They're already dead.

If you think moderation's going to pave the way
Qui consomme 
Sans modération 
Le cœur d'argile des fleurs qui flanchent 
Et qui travaillent même le dimanche 
C'est la société 
That's really kinda dull
Oh, I'm in a lull

I'm all for moderation
But somtimes it seems
Moderation itself can be kind of extreme
So I join
could watch the sky at sunrise
And see the clouds turn shades
I never knew could make me want to cry
That's what You do in my life
Never mind moderation
to God
I'll go there at any cost
The seed of his call
Causes moderation to appall me
Brings me closer to God
I'll purchase at any cost

I will breed
could get a little higher
I was alright awhile, but you know how it goes
Everything in moderation, including moderation I suppose
I never did like
Call up the banners from the days gone by 
Sweet moderation, the heart of this nation
Desert us not, we are between the wars 

Go find the young men,
Gentleman, screwing in moderation, screwing is such a bore
None of that time is wasted I do that shit on tour

Oh ya, all right, oh yea, all right
Dur de boire avec modération quand modération n'a pas soif
Les résolutions qui passent comme de l'eau dans la passoire
Mes enceintes mettent au
Some are gonna make it look easy, say moderation is the key
Moderation in the heart of excess, as long as you got the money
Some are gonna be just

What will make you feel better
What will make you feel better
Through the long nights cover yourself
There' no time for moderation
Always a new temptation, I am desire
Always in moderation, if it's a hunger from the heart
Trying to keep it all out of sight and mind
moderation, what was once us now never was.
You change directions every time someone judges us.

You set me up to leave me,
You wanted to feel,
moderation's to blame 
I feel the course is black and the compass is worn 
i feel the conversation gone away 
I feel certain that once was enough 
ill keep
I'm just watching the air thicken
There is no comfort in your moisture
So let me feel your source
I'm not into moderation
Let me hear your

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