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Frank Mockery  


People in the misery
Government or work or government
It makes a mockery
Respect to the youths
When they're in front and all dem back a me
frame them to your own vision
But do not let one false word
Of mockery seep through to your vast heart
I have seen you from close and afar and your
A hopeless fantasy that nothing changes
Your misery

All the damage it just erases
Mediocrity all around
The grandiose disorder replaces
never be you
Now all I do is sit around and wish I could forget you

My demise, I took a life worth living and
Made it worth a mockery
I deny, I fold, but
Hold up
You're bleeding us dry
Hold up
You're making a mockery
Hold up
Disorganized crime

Send them to hunt them
And bring them to trial
past the edge of the sea
No bended knee
No mockery
Somehow we still carry on

(Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear)

Silence your fear, we've got
Resident mockery give us an hour for magic
We of the purple glove
We of the starling flight and velvet hour
We of Arabic pleasure's breed
No mockery of history 
A taxi ride to nowhere 
Just a drifting boat at sea 
My sister is working 
For every day pleasure 
The car in
You'll never taste God's breath
Because you'll never see the second coming 
It's all a fuckin' mockery
No grasp upon reality
It's mind control for
It seems I am the anti-christ 
It seems I am the devil's child 
One look and it is clear to see 
This is a mockery I was sent to poison your minds
And when I take the stand call your witness
I'll tell you who I am, another mockery
Will tell your people I figure I just don't know
What you bottle
and mutated, a mortal mockery,
Grossly winged and given flight.

Malformed brows, misshapen minds,
Every heartache brings a new deformity.
Morbid growths
thieves to steal 
Don't be fooled by these hypnotic forces, they will rob you blind 
There is no excuse for their actions
Making a mockery of mankind
of mockery
At the end of all life
Never to praise the worm...Maggot of the holy
Scourge of all life...Ravager of the weak
Blood is no worth...To those who
make my way and hang through, hang through

One more week, losing lottery
Oh, I try to find some sort of mockery
Oh I

Days go by and I still don't
have faced the odds
And ended up a mockery
Don't believe the stories
That you read on all the crockery

To be a true hero, kid, is a dying art
They shout in mockery and sneer the son of God
As they smoked him and nailed him to a tree
A little bird circled round his crown of thorns
To dry
And our city streets are filled with angry men
Law's now a mockery throughout our troubled land
And destruction seems to be the current trend
voices echo
Laughing with mockery
The border line of doom I'm facing
The edge of reality

On the edge of reality she sits there tormenting me
the turkey
Making a mockery of his fancy footwork

White knuckles on black and blue skin
He didn't mean to hit her but she kept laughing
White knuckles
And our city streets are filled with angry men
Law's now a mockery throughout our troubled land
And destruction seems to be the current trend
the need to feel again 
The real belief of something more than mockery 
If only I could fill my heart with love
And there's no one who's gonna believe this
But we're lost in the Garden of Eden, come on

Most organized religions make a mockery of humanity
But on the jury there were men who helped the brothers commit this awful crime,
And so this trial was a mockery, but nobody seemed to mind.

I saw

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