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Through deceit, make them believe
Fight the stampede, be the one to lead

(All my missteps, I retrace
Every failure, I'll erase
My pride is gone
Through deceit, make them believe
Fight the stampede, be the one to lead

(All my missteps, I retrace
Every failure, I'll erase
My pride is gone
misstep I have made
Finds a way it can invade
My every thought
And this is why I find myself awake

The letters on the signs have long
done trying to hide my lies
Away from Mercy's eyes

Every little secret that I kept there
Locked inside my heart
Every single regret, every misstep
out of your head girl
Don't you know

It's all good
It's all good hey you said
Every misstep will get you somewhere
All you gotta do is switch it
got in the way
Of recognizing missteps we've made
So we said goodbye to moonlit eyes
And met the morning and its flood of light
Gripped the thorns
(We're rollin')

Back in the days
When we used to dance
You chuckle every time that I misstep

Now that we're older
And our hairs get grey
could wait
Through my missteps and mistakes
I needed someone to say
That you'd be here anyway

When did you start to finally see
My melancholy habit
with nails out of driftwood already iron sicked:
now spy out the glass at whatever missteps me
and the press gang warrant's signed Sir Edward Pepsi.
All the men before me swollen with seed
Scraped the earth nude and clean
Ground to till, air to breathe
With missteps for no one

When we drew
was so slow you could see my faults, every solitary step and misstep

Down like a leaf in the long grass I lay for hours
The thief made off but not
And with no ember still glowing
Let history repeat it's mess
I won't stand in my missteps
You want a flower but you ripped
The petals off
Pried it open
And remembered for all the right reasons
Mistakes are forgotten, no footprints of any missteps
So when it's so late that it's early
And you need a drink even
in search of the verse that I haven't spit yet
Will this step just be another misstep
To tarnish whatever the legacy, love or respect, I've garnered?
So we found our own direction
Made our way to everyone
And now we look back on every misstep
And wonder how we got it done
I'm bringin' it home
I set all my regrets on fire
Cause I know I'll never take the time
To unpack my missteps and call all of our friends
I figure they would take your
the damage that you've done
Every tear drop and misstep
You know I could have saved you, son
I'm the book you never read

Your grandaddy carried me in
the boss 

I write your name on my arm with India Ink 
I'm hanging on every word cause the way that you think 
Yes every misstep well it led me to you
a pretty sticky wicket, isn't it, dear?
A few missteps along the way
But I'm really pretty happy to be here

So this is a toast to the old town drunk
Hating all the boys who got to you
And all the things they took that you'd kept

For yourself
Every car crash, every misstep, every word

You're so
know, I know someday I will be home

Oh I am not afraid of alone
No I am not afraid of my own missteps
There's no regrets
At least not yet
Not yet
make you push the line

Follow the lead to failure
Relinquish and pay no mind

Misplace my judgement misstep the card house falls
That will not be
my missteps confuse everyone in my life.
I don't have an answer,
Of why I'm always going backward.
And this voice is scared to say that I don't
there's a light inside that heart
To escape the mess from every misstep
Why build another bridge that lead nowhere

My focus was blurred
As the world

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