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the misspelling
Now you bound to start rebelling when you grew up with these thugs and these felons
I keep on yelling feel like I'm stuck in hell and
Going down
straining to my eyes
And what if I'm the writer of my own life
I'd regret every misspelling I can't rewrite
For every wrong word said
I'll drop my pen again
timing out
I put my name on a chain, got tired of the misspelling
Bitch put respect on the brand
United we stand, I fuck wit the klan
I don't fuck wit
the sun
He took it away
Misspelling my name
I'm only human, I said

Man, it's getting harder and harder to breathe
Man, it's getting harder and harder to be
been selling you? 

I'm e-mailing you, at the wrong website 
Misspelling you, break you and put the fear of hell in you 
Escape above you, stuff
the playful misspellings.
And every bite I gave you left a mark.

Tiny vessels oozed into your neck
And formed the bruises,
That you said you didn't want
me driven guess that's why I could see us going the distance
On nights you text and text and text with no auto corrections
Misspelling every other
a fight, making combos while snoring, ah
English dictionary gibberish
Your face on the page, you missed it
Mispelling my name, illiterate
high, could go
I fell in, and you were never helping
All my mistress on dwelling
Or missing my wellness
Something keeps on telling me
That it's gone be okay
I even
Collapsible misspellings
Sterile expressions
Elongated or whatever
Tasting dry and familiar
Passing through the weekend

Idle in earnest with open windows
pony in the ghetto
Sell every copy
Sell every copy
Deflating down Life-Float road
In a down comforter
Throwing pillows at the clock
Misspelling every
Waking up, I'm waking up with that cold water
Misspelling of "sweet"
Pour a bowl of my wheaties
While I'm putting on my beanie
Grab a backpack, stuff
Misspelling on my name now you niggas hang man
You the shit imma flush nigga 
Yeah yeah

I feel like michael balling like i'm jordan 
I feel like michael
Texting fast misspelling
Say you done but u welling

I ain't tryna be too aggressive
Let it go it's depressing
Don't act sad in my presences
I'm just tryna
of an injected pump 
Of adrenaline for white board lesson misspellings 
A flawed presentation in my story book tellings 
And readings are not much further along
nothing truly inspiring
I ran to the field with an unsettling urge to commit to what I've been taught
And forgot all of the misspelling words in that
And every bite I gave you left a mark
And tiny vessels oozed into your neck
And formed the bruises
That you said you didn't want to fade
But they
So you know I don't play
I keep a Kay like a jeweler
So no misspelling my name
I get respect on a daily
By putting rappers to shame
I put these
[misspellings from album]
You you ya-you
You're a Yellow Hammer
from North Dakota
Down to Alabama
the tip of Texas
to the top of Montana
you you
a vixen just look
This beat is missing a hook
Hit a bitch and I book
In the kitchen I cook
Misspelling words like I’m fab
Oshkosh b’gosh niggas coming
Preparing messages, writing down all my feelings
I'm pouring out my love through the letters I be spilling
Tripping over words, misspelling all my
regularly there is no debate
Misspelling words in such a gorgeous way
And singing slightly off key with my morning face woke up this way
Early morning let
back and visit, but you hadn't planned the price 

So I spend my days misspelling intentions, spitting up heroes, swallowing fame
Saying nothing with
and misspelling eyes twitching in response to the sound of the words. 
Red world-like words zooming boiling. 
Moons in the shallow sky. 
Roaring with whispers

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