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you be ready for me?

We had the melody
But we were missing the rhyme
A twisted symphony, that skips by every sign

We say another day
We play
Tommy's haunted by the pressure to become
The first family member to wear a cap and gown
Time it ticks and the sweat it drips down
He's longing for
I never knew I was existing
Getting by from sun to sun
Missing out on what my life
Someday would become.
There were friends and there
you off
Broad, with the cause (yeah) bitch on a mission
Keep them niggas by they nuts while you hoes be dick kissin
Missing the game, damn bitch it's
Missing you before we say goodbye
It’s you I love the most
But are we chasing ghosts?

When I go to sleep at night
I wanna feel you by my side
For you I’d
is my ghetto symphony
Shout out to my fam and my homies, we making history
Never had a degree, but the streets made me a sicker breed
Every day
invade Helen of Troy
Single dominant A-male, getting pussy by mistake
How much hate mail can one pretty nigga generate?
Wasn't delicious bullets missing me
he lifts with the force of a horses kick
Multiplied by the reason why god exists, and makes Thor his bitch!
Horror flick like imagery, organs