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missing, never found. 
Never more than always less. 
Fueled by anger underground. 
Temper cooled by happiness.
It says that both your legs must go
Chopped to pieces
Ripped to shreds
You're gonna wish that you were dead!

Grab him by his manky hair
Broken memories
They taunt me like a bird caged by scorched wings
Puzzle pieces missing
The grubby fingerprints that kissed the walls have vanished
me realize, realize

I've been incomplete
Missing a part of me
Blinded by the fear of something new
But now I see
All along what's missing has been you
pleasures of mine
Yours if you want them, you got the day
Find wealth in the living and you'll never be grave
A piece is missing from your puzzle
These walls have eyes
Rows of photographs with faces like mine
Who do we become without knowing where
We started from?

It's true: I'm missing
missing you 
As I stand alone in your room 

Everyday that will pass you by 
Every name that you won't recall 
Everything that you made by hand
missing you
And I stand alone
Inside your room

Everything that you made by hand
Everything that you know by heart

I will try to connect
Mend what he did
And find the piece that I'm missing
But I still miss him
I miss him, I'm missing him
Oh I miss him, I miss him I'm missing him
is missing from your puzzle
It's the piece that you need
It's place of mind you gonna find meditate by the sea
Be free with all trees in all the air
I know you tried to cut him loose
But missing link is still a part of you
Think you lost him but it ain't exactly showing
Got you by the neck
When I wake up with you by my side

Right by my side, it's so right
I found the missing piece to my puzzle 
The first time I saw those dark brown
You've got a piece of my soul
Somehow I can't survive
Without you by my side
Should have never let go

'Cause I'm still missing you
We should have
visits dire pain on human life
Are we missing what it is to be alive?

One by one the pieces fall
Until our pride defeats us all
We learn to live
the missing pieces
'Till the light betrays you and your empty allocution
Saw the Piper´╗┐ by and down the river
Caught his crippled alchemy
From pounding waves
Something is missing around here
Surrounded by tragical memories
That pushes me out of the too small bed
In a too small house

Pieces of the shelter
All I wanna be is every little thing you need
Ooo ooo ooo ooo
So if you're searching for the missing piece
Let it be me

I would never ever let you
drawn Into somebody?s life
You don't know what you're doing
Are why you are there, but you know it?s right
There's a sense that the piece that was missing
the weight of daily bread
You'd rather wake to cake instead
Would you believe a photograph
Was all it took and all that's left
Of missing pieces

I throw
you by my side
I'm finally feeling free.

But I know that
The sun will shine for me
Even when the skies are grey
And I feel like I'm missing something

It's your heart in this moment
Haunting into where I dream

And in my heart it feels like nothing
Broken slowly piece by piece
everything you ever wanted
You gave me nothing but grief
Now that I'm gone you'll see I'm your missing piece
Well, good luck, finding another me
falls tinkling down
Never think it ceases
Every likely lad in town
Gathers up the pieces

If there's one gone whistling by
Would I let it grieve me?
to invade your body
Piece by piece,hole by hole
Too much pain for flesh to bear
As I torture

Thrown into the grave 
The body decays 
The soul I have raped

a certain party's missing 
I'll sit by the window 
Now you sit anywhere that you want to 
Sitting in the sunshine now we're hoping, 
As we're supposed

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