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    Together You And I Lyrics
to see, Yates

How in the hell can you miss me
When I'm counting my mil' making hist'ry
Trip the splits be that 50/50
So we rip the script swiftly and zip
thought you changed girl, but you the same girl
Usher and R. Kelly you had the best of both worlds

When I'm gone girl I miss you, when I'm at home
over, the gig is over (when a play)
The kid is older and getting colder (many fly by)
But his will hold ya, so listen closer to (a-a)-r-o-n
still the jam
And over 20 year later
They still rocking for the stoners and the skaters
I used to watch videos by Plan B
Dream about hitting up
to something scheming niggas and shit
Cellphone ain't even on but taking selfies and shit
Miss Independent do your thing, cause I ain't knocking your shit