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think of me  what will they believe
If they misperceive

I like the nightlife  I'm in the spotlight 
I want to live life

Suddenly if it's time  Suddenly
to misperceive
I got a lot of tings but only one get a diamond ring
My Latin queen, got her out of Medellin
She my little freak, baby be my Jenaveve (Jolie)
Afraid, but look what had blossomed
I don't misperceive it
There's no guarantees
I need to know
If the response is cold
I'm in the wrong place

Is it
London when we started texting
Soho house on Friday but we never made it
That's on me, I'm naive
Please don't misperceive
Please don't get me wrong no
I have the motivation but.
I...don't care!
Wicked insanity howls at the doors.
Shaking my confidence to the core.
I misperceive what I don't believe
The news vs media make it hard to retrieve it
An head officials we elected still misperceive it

The leaders of the free world they still will not heed it
Every little thing I say
How I never mind concedin'
Or going out my way
How the light is always bleedin'
And glowin' in my veins
Awh no shade
still misperceive the situation
You open your arms for me to run to
But I don't want to

I could be your soul mate
Runnin' 'round these dark streets.
Cause I'll never see em later
Got some tricks under my sleeve
Brilliant tactics you wouldn't believe
Ho do not misperceive
Cause the money I retrieve
Trying to find someone who I can believe
Cuz everyone does this; misperceive
Who can I trust more than myself (Oh)
When they try to crush you through
good mother fucker I aint used to easy
Break it down I don't mind homie please critique me
You don't understand me so you so you misperceive me
You can
What's yo Believe,
That's yo
This is it...
Don't misperceive the deceits you've been naive
I shall
why your boy left you for Steve?
I remember when you had to greave
Didn't you leave for a month?
I really wanted to misperceive
We waited out front

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