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Outta TikTok wristwatch gotta get that
Gotta snowglobe, so cold on the mismatch
Outta TikTok wristwatch gotta get that
Gotta snowglobe, so cold
women you wish you had 
Let em know goin against me is a mismatch 
Had to Make a couple songs 
Had to put the squad on 
Yah Picture perfect like
I tried so hard just to impress
You but in the end it had no impact
I do fall apart, I feel so sad
Slowly I regret it feels like a mismatch
I tried
the mismatch shirt (uh uh)
Baby girl put in work (uh huh)
Cookies and cream yessir (uh huh)

Look at me get this work (uh huh)
Pull up with the mismatch shirt
(Designer mismatch)
Fit cost ten bands that's a big bag
Designer mismatch
I just skert off with your bitch fast
You will not get your bitch back
Whiplash need a ice pack
You got hit fast
Wasn't working out you need to get back
Didn’t get back
You get smacked
Lucky you ain’t get
Proclub wit the Ksubis that's a mismatch
Oops I'm sorry you won't get yo bitch back
Chains on my neck cost a few stacks
Points on the board bitch I
Fighting with me is a mismatch, uh
The underdog that's gonna beat you up
Beat you up

Fighting with me is a mismatch, uh
The underdog that's
ain't playing catch
Caught up in a bitter mismatch
Fuck the dispatch
Shottie kickback call that whiplash
Talk that shit but your click full of toys
Pretty young nigga with the big racks, bro I got the rollie on tic-toc
Dawg mi might play game but mi nuh mismatch
Dawg mi might play game but mi
a mismatch
My hips got a kick back
Shorty gone need a kick stand
Go you get a big bag
I'm chasing the big racks
Ain't texting yo bitch back
All up on me she
Come at me with caution cause this battle is a mismatch
Fuck that
305 my city, take the south back
Combat, I ain't got no time for all the chitchat
Walk right up in the store 
Lemmie get that 
Leave prada 
Hit preme 
Wear it mismatch 
Coming thru my line like tha dispatch 
I was down
flopped it's a mismatch
Tic tac, toe
Which one should I pick from these hoes?
She told me to hold it down and I said no
Cah she done already fucked half
slick back
Mary Kay no make up, but I’m still bout to hit that
Gucci with the Prada ion care about the mismatch
Heard that he mad tell em come get his
ima just sit back, relax, man this shit too easy 
I aint with the chit chat, click-clack, told them niggas beat it 
Its a mismatch, my stats is still
stay strap
Cause bringing an argument to a gunfight that's a mismatch

Society's product I try to get way they said get back
Society's product I try
they asses back
This the kickback, kick kickback
Where my mind headed where the chips at
Why you worrying about this, that
That’s a mismatch, we ain’t
to the Cartiers
Know I'm a hood nigga, I mismatch designer with the Js
Though still posted on the block, eat a box of Church's before a steak
big bags 
And i be spitten big facts 
He be talking this that 
But you know this a mismatch
I be totin big bags 
And i be spitten big facts 
He be
bring it in for my girls on the coast
Right down to the cool zones, yeah you know (yeah)

Got a lotta chit chat
That kinda mismatch
Real life mishap
2021 when a muh fucka made it
Knew I couldn't get this far gettin' faded
So I quit that, it was just a mismatch
Got my bitch back, didn't think I'd
is a mismatch
I get mad and get even
You get sad and call demons
I stomp your shit
If I see you reaching
Call the boys you will need it
Click clack
your head on a plate
And that kick back gone eat up your face
Chit chat, yea you niggas fillet
Mismatch, you ain’t holding my weight
Your bitch fast so I

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