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Wait too long
Makes them hate too much
Foolishness fills this empty space
Misgiving all the fortune
Misgiving all the luck

Stay clear
A triumph of tragedy
And all it claims from me
As those years recede
White lies are all I see
Missed steps and misgivings

Driven by frailty
With the malign venom of conceit 
She tries 
Civil men 
Conceal fear 
When night entreats them 
A greater chill sustains 
Stains her
You gettin' straight
You get your call
That's all

So don't tell me your misgivings
Or not to be or not to be
Cause I don't have no trouble livin'
(Calls to me)

Fretful horizons
Worrisome skies
Tearful misgivings
Burning your eyes
Yearnings unanswered
Reckon the wage you
Pay to recapture
What the world needs is more love and understanding
Put down your sword and heed to peaceful ways
For there's no gain to lean on one's misgivings
When your hero lets you down
He might have a bad night in your town

And so I will not name my heroes
And I'll keep my distance when I can
the same mistakes again

All your anger and misgivings
Tie your shoes up, polish your mask
But all your anger and misgivings
Makes you tattered round
All our tomorrow's
And all of our yesterdays
For days we had to borrow
What has already been repaid

All our misgivings
And all of our mistakes
their misgivings to rapturous reception
Calls on the crowds of white painted heads
To check under carpets while we're in our beds

A big hand hooray
the motorcade
Who ever would have figured
Sorry to say,
The motorcade just doesn't matter anyway
Master endearing, shed accountability
Fumbled misgivings
One love cannot be beaten

One love, and only one
One love with no misgivings
One love, only one love
One love, while we're still living
the nest of feathers could freeze without them

I never knew how to fear correctly
When we were seven we would hit directly
By some misgiving that you
Searching for the answers,
Looking for the meaning of our different ways.
Try to understand it,
All of our misgivings is the price we pay.

The sparrow fell from it's perch
From the dead weight of this earth
His precious held life long dreams
Were someone else's old misgivings

Misgivings and dismay, nightmares of wasted days
Can't live your life this way, something needs to change
Healthy, accepting thoughts, intent
Of hatred and misgivings

You're fucking damaged
But she was of exceptional mind
And a suitor soon asked for her hand
She accepted the proposal in kind
Despite the misgivings of good friends

Half-crazed elf friend given an escape
The band's so misgiving, I call it a mistake

Dreaming of a goddess I admire and trust
Deal with my
Where will I return my misgiving motions
Quell and subside the quivering vigor
The inevitable thrust
That swells inside
And drives me off
Dumped in rivers, poured in sewers
Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
Crude misgivings, ruthless burnings
Industrial sickness, industrial
words make me embarrassed of all my misgivings

Don't kiss me goodnight
Don't kiss me goodnight
Let's greet the new day
Don't kiss me goodnight
repeats the errors
To challenge our grounds 

Either soar above or the detour takes you right back down
To where no one wants to see
Misgivings in this
other mistakes.

My oration will be your ordeal not a secret
I won't reveal my misgivings turned out to be true
The lethal rash on me was you.


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