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of the miscreant was in my self-defense
Unfortunately my body doesn't feel that way

I sail in the bloody sea of ​​deep depression

Rather my death than this
miscreants to chew on those I abhor  The Nucleus of resurrection Enthral the dead in my collection... Of masticated rot The nucleus of resurrection One with
We are servants of the night
Stalkers, hunters, miscreants
Creatures of a black domain
Sleepless, sunless revenants

I will defy the separation
massive grave
Life, evil fate
Only slaves to death can survive this place
Die, perdition
Penance in putrid decadence
Dead miscreants
steel my covenant
Frantic disembowelment
Mutilating miscreant
Sickening accomplishment
Spreading gore is time worth spent
Perpetuate this mad intent
massive grave
Life, evil fate
Only slaves to death can survive this place
Die, perdition
Penance in putrid decadence
Dead miscreants
A burden's lifted that bitch shit is never here endeavour
This is protect & exalt

Sent at you miscreants
Death, that's my final sentence
the one that's gone pick up the shell cases
Hell raising, young miscreant
Young nigga government benefits
My Glock on me so I'm innocent and let
and plague
Are welcomed in my court
Murderers, miscreants
Will linger here and rot

Those who die inglorious
And those who die in shame
They are all
wrapped in the arms of rage

Agitation is my patron lord
Miscreant seraphim of all abhorred
Her admiration is my just reward
My coronation
with Death at chess
Their pawns are many and the enemy
When the miscreants fell dead
She took to conjuring spells in the cusp of the night
exorcises deep beneath 
A path 
Of unrequited dreams 

Before misleading miscreants 
Foreboding malcontents 

So i will never be relieved
never be taken
For a ride, she rather would die, than be a miscreant
Now she's high on life like the buzz from that bottle
Just, one more before it
you crept right in
Now I'm committing a 'sin' - so confusing

Social miscreant I drink alone
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I feel elated
Gonna get
won't be soon forgot
The voluntary sacrifice made wary to the 
Holy leaders of the growing plague
The violence compels the miscreant 
To put a bullet
don't you?
Admit it, you, miscreant

And we certainly would like to help
But we even can't help ourself

Now is another long motivating speech
I will
Mad Screw Mind

as the martyr or miscreant?
I'll make the call, I'll make the call

Far from the ash I will be born again
We here every debt is repaid
Nothing left to keep
infect and spread the haemoglobinic syndrome
Perversity, the haematobic
Lesions infect and spread
The hunger is back...

Miscreant heretic foe
(Invicinble, convince a flow to turn left
Turn def jams into blind faith
Bird brains don't migrate)
Migrate the miscreant to show em what
Sectioned lies end, truth be told as lines bend

A pretension fails to meet an end, Miscreant, what you know ends
What's been mistaken as an erratic being
Mouse switched the screen to some hot dames
Tonight's audience will receive miscreant video games
And fifteen seconds of fame, pitiful lames!
you love is a blessing even if the people are miscreants
Yeah you's a fucking wuss. You know what I mean?
You couldn't last a day in my shoes
A lot
I stand here bored and look at you. 
Clapping like monkeys in the zoo. 
A horde of maladjusted miscreants all pumped and primed. 
Just what could

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