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Misappropriated promised land
Searched, destroyed, and occupied

You arise - with the whore of Babylon at your side
Sicarii - no mercy shown by those who
misappropriated the culture
Dickride, kissing ass they vultures
I was under the impression
That niggas wrote their own verses in studio sessions
Ghostwriting became
Shits a shame and often underappreciated
My crafts spic and span not a flash in a pan
I'm passionate damn, that can be seen by the blind man
It’s agitating we battle demons we co-created
Since the day yo’ mama procreated
How appropriated
They misappropriated
I was so dissociated til’ I
can't tell
Find, Me in, The right hell
Can't you tell?
 I'm trapped in, The right hell!

Instigations, Manipulations
Funds, Misappropriated
Taken, In
misappropriated on a daily basis
Where are the knowledge and wisdom want us to drive out hatred
She taking pictures near car and gate
She make mistakes la me will
If you only knew I hate it
There's no debating
This a flow created
His a flow he ated
Shit is so deflated
No interpretation,
it coz they wrote me off so long ago
Manifesting, I’ll make ‘em eat their words every single time

I’m not associated 
They Misappropriated 
this used to be a river
Till misappropriated
By electrical confusion
And the frying of the phones

Frequencys ranging through arcs of extra signal
Jaded to the core 

You try to understand, but you can't comprehend 
And you cannot see, what it is

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