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Lesson 1: Misanthropy (Death in June) · Music, Martinis & Misanthropy [LP] (Boyd Rice)

Bloodstained eyes
Written by my demons
Take no disguise

In my own blood I draw the symbols of memories
My own disease
Take forth the shell that
Caress the deceitful snake
The one who speaks in tongues
Of all my devastating truths
Collect the power of my dreams

Cast by the devious fire
are the Souls
Blinded by the Warrior Dreams
Finds the star invisible
To most of the regular Men and Slaves

and The Master serves Him

Leaves then for
I have decreased your freedom
Abhorrence and decay spat forth by me
I will make your living hell in this realm of torment
Slave state
I will
the earth
Their unborn shall be ripped out
From their wombs
And stomped into the dirt

In the cold morning breeze, the stench of misanthropy
[Music & Lyrics: Schulman]

Haunted by a twilight void
Into the endlessness they flow
Tearing up the sacred flames
Darkness is they rising desire
the guidelines to the gateways of sin
Through mires of misanthropy with wrath in mind
Sophistication as cruelty and perfection as virulent truth
Source and seed of misanthropy
Is the age of inquisition
Where kings and queens got the power
To lay down immoral religions
Pursuit of innocent
funeral pyres, lighting the earth
Smoke blots out the sun, creating eternal night
gone is humanity, trampled to the ground
suffocated by the ashes,
Rest assured
This is sincere
This is true

Let this be my writ of misanthropy
To a thankless world of men
Who have perfected nothing
The one who reaches out for me
Is trapped by sick misanthropy
Cause I deliver you from good
I treat you like nobody would
Say hello to the masters knife
and grace
Infected by intruder organism
Changed into weak willed subjects
Ineradicable misanthropy
We stick to nothing
Instinct of self preservation
a day,
Would you rather ride or stay a puppet?
In the ghetto makin' crumbs, why they makin' scrilla by the bucket,
But fuck it,
To each his own,