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Presence, seething betrayal of anatomy
Repressed, into a figure mirroring identity
Alone, surrounded by monstrous entities
There's blood flooding in
danced a dolphin dance 
A dolphin dance 
Memorized a memory 

I danced a dolphin dance 
A dolphin dance 
But the memory caught up with me 

Nightmares mirroring
I'm searching for the silence
Cus I don't wanna hear a thing
Blood with a hint of violets
Nightmares mirroring
I'm whole
Nothin could compare oh
This feelings incomparable

These feeling i got 
I can't speak
These moments it brought
It mirroring back
Mirroring the thoughts that we make
Love is inside of everything
To make all the stars in space
Fitting on the palm of your hand
The stars in space
Hands between bars
Soft skin bulged veins
Nails between bars

Long fingers, short fingers
Fingers cut short
Seem right, seem wrong
Only difference is that I'm that one
Second time a wrap
Feels like this song's already been sung

Mirroring situations
smile for you
Madonna carried him inside her womb
Loved him, lost him, child of doom

There is Da Vinci locked inside of us
Mirroring everything that's
Bring yourself to extinction the truth will manifest
See me looking at you mirroring distress
Constant instigation ponder with regret 
mirroring the rain, while (while)
Seeing your pictures and I start to cry (to cry)
This distance kills me every day
I have to come, I have to find a way (to
a tree
In the end, it's only you and me
Mirroring the way you used to think
Let me go, it's time to run home now
Gracefully, you lift up all the weight
My stance won't keep me up for long
Hoping Lady Luck will never do me wrong
Forty g's off the leash
Mirroring my past life
Painted ceiling off-white
mirroring my world
Is it just a big illusion?
Is it all for me untrue?
Or can the brain lead my oneiric state?

There's no fear, there's no pain
love ever so full of light
Nothing like swimming in the colors of new

Mirroring back a reflection 
In the shattered glass that lies between us
Together drowning
In the rain
We are born again
Ages after
Trapped into this body
Just living experience
I was standing next to Narcissus
causes their lachrymosa, the words thus be unbound

Death plagues hominids
Mirroring heart of dusk

I, too am unspared from the wrath of the gods
For earth
Just sit tight - hold a thousand tongues
If you want it, if you feel it
Mirroring the strength and the truth of it all

As such, nothing
look back now wonder what it is that I've done
To make me proud of who it is that I've become
When the mirror isn't mirroring me

I'm at the tipping
Sorrow so unrelenting
While in the other
Sweetnesses like honey dripping

I am not separate from you
Infinitely mirroring

How much I'm
goosebumps, fever
Take off your clothes get bathed in the river
Wash your sins from deep within
Water mirroring your skin
Water mirroring your evil twin
Looking at you, I was wondering who, 
was mirroring back at me.
The road we traveled, completely unraveled,
but you're just too calloused to see.
has slowly deminished
how can one live life mirroring all that is known
all that is not know
I am mirroring an agonizing suicide
this is suicide
see it all

Would you peel it off
Since you can't feel it all

Quit mirroring 
Concur your sight

Shall you bleed it out
Till it frees your thoughts

With my thoughts there’s no ending 

Through these lenses they pretending 

I can see it I can sense it 

You’ve been mirroring the message

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