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people I hated
Had to be no one at all

I’m tired of choosing desire
I been saved by a blessed fatigue
The gates of commitment unwired
And nobody
Traditonal arrangement by
Auldridge, Gaudreau, Coleman and Klein
© 1993 AGCK Music/ Mountainside Music (BMI)

Well I woke up early with those
Clinging vines with sharpened thorns will tear your skin
The gate is guarded by a dusky mannequin
Flowers bear their teeth and spit their acid
Brother, there's a man at the gate, he has something in his hand;
He says it fell down from the sky, should I let him in?
Maybe it's an omen, maybe
moon's eye appears upon the throne
Gate to the highest of the old sorcerers' dreamworld
The essence reflecting in the mirror of time
Sparkling like
And rain comes pouring through my pillow
I'm so affected by the smallest thing I do
Nothing I remember 
Hurts me half as much as you
Look at my hands,
as the spirit of the earth takes seat between the spheres 
The path beyond was locked behind the gates of consciousness - the mirror of the soul 

Time is
We socialize in the moonless pit
Of my own intelligence

I'm suspended in space
And encircled by mirrors

Through my reflection
Things are
to the sea
And in the dark the hard bells ringing with pain
Come away alone

Even now by the gate with you long hair blowing
And the colors of the day that lie
clearer on my side of the mirror.....
Progressing modestly, moderately dichotomy
Manslaughter sporadically, automatically adequate
Gang up on myself, by
Up with the evening sun
The river rolls on by
The neighbors they keep a secret
The neighbors they tell lies
And somewhere the plane went down
I really wanna live inside of your heart where love resides.
And I really wanna be the apple of your eye. Just like David, Esther and Elijah.

the only place
I can remember
In my ancient existence.
And the gate, I am.
Here it's not a question
Of life and death anymore,
But of torment

He screams out
Someone save me from myself
Drag me from the gates of hell
'Cause I'm hanging by a thread
And I'm getting closer to falling
get the chance, they gon' hurt you
They be counting your pockets, you can tell by they comments
Incident with my car, my nigga wanted to drive it
of time
Out of the mirror
Await the spirits revive

Eucharistical... sacrifice
To heaven gates

Glorified by the last storm
Mirror in the first light
Leaves of shadow
Slowly fade
Wake up every morning
Find your treasures
By your side
No stain in your existence
David caught a giant on his tongue? 
The light through the window holds the dust of past heroes 
And they're never destroyed only scattered around 
going out altogether

Oh, I live by my mirror and stare in my eyes
Trying to make out who I see there
But I'm looking at a woman that I can't

Raped of faith, She now embraced 
The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face 
With this disdain, inside these veins 
link fence by the gate
Somebody's daddy's out there
Honkin' on the horn
Hurry up, we're gonna make him late

I gotta say one, two, three
More things
the pedal hard
And I tipped my hat and I smiled
As I passed by Scotland Yard
Now the voice is talkin' to me
It says "There's nothing to fear"
It was
Beyond gods pestilent grace
Obscured by light his spawner dwells
Hidden but soon to be found
Beyond shrouds of fading life
All fires leave reeking

Corrupt eyes filled with hate
Their greedy souls opened
Hell's gate
The crosses mirror his growing rage
They've breached this keep
He's fled
grass to the sea
And in the dark the hard bells ringing with pain
Come away alone

Even now by the gate with your long hair blowing
And the colors

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