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'd always be mine
Did we crash and burn or make a wrong turn
Or run out of gasoline?
I lost you around 3rd gear and 17

In the blink of an eye high
to the tears in your eyes
You'll never be free again til you cry like a man

Theres no shame in letting teardrops fall, its a good
Thing it'll be alright
of skirt, kit for a victim
A three-stage pleasure on a principle
As I step and drop a syllable (yyyyo!)
A syllabus spoken by the 3rd on sss-swooin
Me and Billy Joe Taylor joined each other at the hip
I loved him like the brother I never had
He was my go-to-guy on 3rd and 10, made me look good
embracing a 3rd world
[Outro: RES sample]
Scratch underneath the surface
confused about a lot of things, but not with my fate
So I'm depending on your holy ghost to guide me the way
See I'm a sinner in the 3rd degree
Ain't afraid
to serve shake, now I serve steaks
Three squares on the road, call it 3rd Bass
Big ass face, chop you in your laugh face
Shoot his ass, aim defense is

A bit past 1:30 a.m. now 
And the 3rd prisoner slowly makes his way
To the designated spot on prison grounds
Where he will be executed by way
is my job, I'm workin' hard every minute
Movin' up in the rat race, city council to senate
So what, you don't get it? You can't front no more
said, "Punk muthafucka, won't you leave em the hell alone"
Down to the 3rd and got on the telephone
Called my bitch, but she showed me no love
responsible for all this" 
He cringes at the tone of her voice. A quick glance in the rear view mirror reveals to him 
We smoke spliffs with some 96 Cris'

With more quotes than that Evangelist
You from Los Angeles
Don't fall in love with the camera
I got
if you don't respect
You know I'm from the 3rd bitch
You gone by casualty bitch
I'ma soldier

(mia x)
Rounding up my soldiers
Scooping up my warriors
ignore you)
In my room..(do anything for you baby) {tap tap}
Love..(I do adore you)
In my and I...{Tap tap go the piece of ass}

Love..(I can't
don't start to get nervous now that we up in the spot
We've been certified for years, you gonna love it a lot


[Jay Dee]
Who, me? That
to let the people know that nigga head is above
Regular sea height, cause they 3rd eye never seen height
Cause only this Brooklyn street light gave me
he kept under the floor 

now I'm with the Three 6 mob pushin them Burbs 

niggas done made a come up Hot Boys from the 3rd 

{Juicy J} 

're labeled as a loser junior 
2 times at that 
So close to your 3rd 
Only 22 now what the fuck you gonna do 
Convicted felons 
They don't get no work 
We all
no craze
Cause I know you've known my man's since 3rd grade, I stayed
Pure through his whores and tore's, overseas
You and me, too long
She was buried on August 3rd
The story ends without a sequel
And now you know why Technique, don't fucking fall in love with people
Hold the person
TRU soldiers ready to die (and rowdy, rowdy)

Put one in the chamber or that plastic glock
I'm on the grind, that 3rd Ward, Calliope, pushin rocks
Every time we make a jam, make ya want to say. (daaam) 

Kick your, dopest rhyme I'll break it up like 3rd Bass, 
I'm from the crew that sets it off by
till that nigga 49
And my nigga Young [Name] I done known since 3rd grade
He been down for 5 years, he get out in 2008

[ CHORUS: J.R. (2X) ]
You know
he kept under the floor 

now I'm with the Three 6 mob pushin them Burbs 

niggas done made a come up Hot Boys from the 3rd 

{Juicy J} 

Up on Cyprus Avenue
And I'm conquered in a car seat
And I'm looking straight at you
Way up on, way up on, way up on
The avenue of trees