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Phish · William Minkin

like maple dew, honey melon watercress
I didn't like Phish shoes down by muddy watermelon
I didn't seem to miss you when you kiss'd my honey water
Point the blame picture frame Playing by the rules that's why you're losing the game. I think I heard it through the walls in the bathroom stalls,

don't want to be an actor pretending on a stage,
Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on a page,
Don't want to be
[Phish] What's the difference between me and you? [Repeat x2]

Back when Cube, was rollin' wit Lorenzo in a Benzo
I was bangin' wit a gang
you're a lucky boy 

This recipe yeah you know me 

This 5-piece band called LBC 

Rest of the world passes by saying the world does not revolve around you
a sailer does on the water. 
Likea hole damn like phish down likea willow man-o waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
all da signs si call down what you way like aso
underworld. well he anit got no mind all i anit got no tail.
You look like such a worthy man likea a sailer does on the water. 
Likea hole damn like phish