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Like ice, no life
All soft
Stunned by its beauty
Coldness captures my mind
Dreams will be experienced!!

House of Pain, Sorrow
Can not affect
with worms
Odor of rigor mortis
Skin is ridden with disease
Corpes living in dying flesh
Emaciated bodies buried long ago
Reanimated by
Goddamn, even Superman shot himself
Blew his mind couldn't save the wealth
Maybe he read the Sunday paper
Murder front page death and rape
the fear
Filth decay pollute the conscience
From violence was creation derived
Winds of change cannot awake paralyzed minds
Their choking utterances
ever so destructive fucking place 

Jay frenzal broke our bus
Ya jay frenzal went ape shit he smashed our bus 
In detroit michigan with a 2 by 4
fluorescent and dark.
And my spies realize that my hope's euthanized.
By the paranoid ape in my heart.
Can't stop this sleepwalking.
Can't stop my mind from
the blood of innocents
The human greed will be their own destruction
The apes in their cages surrounded by thorns
That are forcing us to live here

mortis of the mind
Faith has been ripped apart
like a heart that_s bleeding fast
Innerself keeps burning from visions of the past
A future seen so
The pack of hounds is loose

Mortis comes with his loudest boots - beware
A message of yesterdays horror - take care

Wrath in their mind - there's no
and Delaware
Philly never scared and them niggaz ain't timid there
Them young triggers lose lives by the minute there
It might start but the fight never finish
Accept in the street, niggas we live by different rules
Pill poppin’ everyday I’m in a different mood
They scream our names since we walk the halls
Listen folks and I will tell a funny story 
You may think it sad but I was in my glory 
'Twas a cellar I crept in, cobwebs brushing by my chin

It was in the city of spies
That I spoke with nothing but lies
When they set a trap for all you could feel
It's important that your mind is
To resist the strategies of containment brought on to us
By political thunder whores from on high
It`s the coming of the digital freak swing Vs. ape kills
muscles flap, clotted blood flowing.
Circumstances beyond that of your feeble minds.
Helpless victims scream in fear, for they know of their finds.
Guiding me to her arms
Mother, I’m alright

It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind
Before a blow to the head by the gavel of time
To wake up
wings on just right
Just to fly me over the cukoo's nest

Chains the pain brings things that drive me ape-dick
We just lose our minds
Like a beast by
fast becoming extinct
Chaotic precursors of what will befall
Permeate the night air
The fear of the end preys on the minds
Of all the soon-to-be dead
bug, need pesticide
Mary J. Blige, real love you should exercise

Is it me or is it him?
Is it ours or is it yours?
See, ya mind’s still locked
control of my mind and my body
But I’m subconsciously forcing myself into a state
Of self bondage entangled by the ropes of my own mind
I am unhappy
Money Money Money Money
I I I've got money on my mind ooh
I I I've got money on my mind ooh

Money on my mind on my grind tryna catch a break
of the apes
Under cds and tapes
Young cats askin ol heads
Teach me
Over beats that reach me
Radiation of a radio tv movie nation on your gdamn mind
they ass

Runnin' to the radio
And the tv issues and views
Shaped by one sided news
Got us like 
Planet of the apes
Under cds and tapes
Philly never scared and them niggaz ain't timid there
Them young triggers lose lives by the minute there
It might start but the fight never finish there
"It is 50000 B.C. The world is almost empty; nature is still untouched by man. Off in the
distance, a clan of ape-like creatures gather near a cliff